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  1. richyrich

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    Any Freemasons on here?

    I've always wondered what's in the lodge opposite Mowbray. Owt interesting? I bet you've got Aliens in there ya secretive bastards.
  2. They do a phenomenal amount for charity. It’s out of this world the amount they raise
  3. There is at least one.

    Been to a couple of functions there. There's a nice main hall, some interesting plaques, a lift that's a hazard, the slowest barmaids ever with an average age that's older than the Masons
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  4. richyrich

    richyrich Goalkeeper

    Anar. They're a good bunch. I've just always wondered what's in there. I'm too scared to walk in and ask incase I get kidnapped and sold to Satan or some shit.
  5. The devil needs to see some value
  6. richyrich

    richyrich Goalkeeper

    That's disappointing. I've always fancied being a Wizard.

    Did you meet any Wizards?
  7. Not to my knowledge, there was some Gandalf looking motherfucker sat at a table in the corner of the bar so it's possible.

    I mainly drank lost of surprisingly reasonably priced beer and perved on some lass in her early 20s who looked like her tits were ready to fall out of her top.
  8. mux

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    I'm Grandmaster of the SMB faction - I welcome your questions.
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  9. Isn’t it just about business owners getting together and wanking each other off?
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  10. richyrich

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    Lucky bastard.

  11. Would have been luckier if they actually fell out.

    Must have used tit tape.
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  12. Cowvahlo

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    You’re a bellend.
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  13. My dog hasn't pooped for 3 days. Is this normal?
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  14. richyrich

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    They're still perky at 20 man. I was looking at Princess Markle's nudes earlier, she'd literally put your eye out with those badboys.
  15. Nee amount of perkiness was keeping them in that dress.
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  16. Take it to a shower. Get in with it.
  17. richyrich

    richyrich Goalkeeper

    If you're being serious then get it down the vet. Don't let it go another day without shitting. I had a Bassett Hound that didn't shit for a few days and it ended up tearing a hole open between it's arse and balls through straining so hard, poor fecker.
  18. Would make for an awkward shower wank.
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  20. mux

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    Is that a question or a statement you fucking peasant?
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