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  1. Guess you are all supporting them tomorrow, having seen the outrage first hand over the past few weeks at not supporting ‘our’ nearest and dearest I can only assume Les blues will be you team of choice.
    Or are you just needy moaning arses?.
  2. Brexit

    Brexit Winger

    I don't care who wins. I'm not a petty bellend.
  3. rocky

    rocky Striker

    Aww bless them
    Scotland :lol::lol:
  4. Hehe Engl;)nd
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  5. rocky

    rocky Striker

    You're definitely not petty mate
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  6. Brexit

    Brexit Winger

    No arguments here.
  7. Billy Fish

    Billy Fish Striker

    I'm in Montpellier for the match so will go with the flow with blue but would like to see Croatia win. Nice folks there.
  8. Tis true mate

    Was just asking a question. Don’t cry again
  9. chr1s1973

    chr1s1973 Striker

    Bit of a difference between a team who plays for another section of your country and a foreign one, but personally I hope France win as I didn't appreciate Croatias cheating attitude.

    However,if a someone is going to post such petty threads,then they probably shouldn't support a team in England.
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    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    The Scotch are still livid we got to the semis I see.
  11. I am, met some canny French people in the euros and the whole swastika/ nazi side of things puts me off the Croats a bit. Plus if Croatia win I'll always feel like it could have been us, that France weren't really all that. If France take them to pieces I'll still be annoyed that we missed out on a great occasion, but I'll console myself that it would likely have ended in similar disappointing fashion. Allez les bleus ;)
  12. rocky

    rocky Striker

  13. John J Rambo

    John J Rambo Striker

    I want France to win, as it'll mean I'll finish third in the works predictor league and win 60 quid.
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  14. Reiver

    Reiver Winger

    Shit, I missed all that :confused:
  15. Axerty

    Axerty Full Back

    Seeing as i had £25 on France @ 7/1 at the beginning of tournament then I am :lol:

    Otherwise I wouldn’t really support either team would just wanna see good game
  16. Lol Croatia didn’t cheat man

    Finally a decent answer without people getting their knickers in a twist

    nice wee earner mate, good luck
  17. Kid Galahad

    Kid Galahad Striker

    I tipped France from the start, even if England had got there I think they would have had too much for us tbh, so I will be wanting them to win to prove myself correct, just hope it is a great incident filled game, oh and haway England for third place, that wouldn't be too shabby no matter what our Scottish and Welsh brothers and sisters think :cool:
  18. S3RGIO33

    S3RGIO33 Full Back

    I’m hoping for a France win. What do I win?
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  19. I tipped Germany, what the fuck do I know
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  20. MKB

    MKB Goalkeeper

    Absolutely, ha'way the baguettes.

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