Forza Horizon 4

Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by Steesafc, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Steesafc

    Steesafc Striker

    This comes out in a few weeks! The map features Northumberland and Scotland and will feature changing seasons. I rarely buy games these days but this is defintely on the list, it looks visually stunning!

  2. Bishop Mackem

    Bishop Mackem Striker

    How long are the races if the seasons noticeably change like :eek:
  3. Steesafc

    Steesafc Striker

    Think the career mode thing is set into four seasons rather than a single race mate ;)
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  4. peterleeblackcat

    peterleeblackcat Midfield

    Out next Tuesday, can't wait for it. I've got Gamepass anyway so it comes with that. I'm hoping it can be pre loaded ready for release
  5. Brian_Mooney

    Brian_Mooney Midfield

    I would only buy if Sean Maguire did the voice over work....

    I bought an Xbox One and was looking forward to Forza Horizon 2... couldn't get past the intro... back to PS4
  6. jedi_toaster

    jedi_toaster Winger

    I wish they’d release something like this on PS4 with vr support. Driving games have been ruined for me since I tried driveclub vr and experienced the difference it makes to actually feel like you’re in the car. Braking and cornering instantly become easy as you have a natural feel for the distance and speed you’re doing like in real life, and turning your head when you’re drifting to look through the side window to see where you’re headed is just amazing the first time you realise what you’re doing. I can spend ages just sitting in the Ferrari looking around the cockpit, the dashboard etc, and the sound of the engine through your headphones is just spot-on. It’s absolutely fucked ‘normal’ racing games for me now, I’ve tried Forza horizon 2 and 3, but all I can think is that I wish they were in vr!
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  7. Gravyb0y

    Gravyb0y Midfield

    Hopefully more like 2 than 3. No doubt the soundtrack will be amazing.
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  8. silas80

    silas80 Winger

    That video alone makes me want to buy an xbox. Looks fantastic.
  9. UTW

    UTW Midfield

    Played the demo in "graphics mode" on the one x. Looks stunning. Will pick up when the price drops as I'm not too big on racing
  10. Adamoah

    Adamoah Winger

    Looks great, the 3rd was great - I've even been to a couple of places on that one.

    The latest F1 game was crying out for VR but they haven't gone that way.
  11. Philcore

    Philcore Winger

    To be fair the new F1 game is a bug fest.. They can't release a working game let alone have a vr mode..
  12. Smiler

    Smiler Striker

    Graphically looks brilliant and live the idea of driving on loads of public roads but the driving physics look awful and completely put me off
  13. Philcore

    Philcore Winger

    The driving in the forza games is class, in car view is the only way to play.
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  14. Dexter

    Dexter Striker

    Depends what you’re looking for tbf. If you’re not into arcade racers then this certainly won’t appeal to that market.

    I love the Horizon series like, much prefer it to the regular Forza series which has become a bit stale and micro transaction heavy for my liking. Probably won’t get this on release but will likely pick it up at some point.
  15. Adamoah

    Adamoah Winger

    Also for those saying they haven't got an xbox, if you've got a decent PC - it's a play anywhere title so you can play on PC.
  16. Lukas73

    Lukas73 Winger

    Playing this now, easily the best driving game I’ve ever played....
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  17. Sima

    Sima Striker Lost Magpie

    Bumper view, Ridge Racer-style for me.

    It looks incredible on PC, 4K 60fps.
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  18. Steesafc

    Steesafc Striker

    I saw a video yesterday of the highlands area going up through Glencoe, it looks absolutely stunning like.
  19. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    I've had the last few versions and always loved them, though wasn't as keen on 3 as 2 because of the whole Australian theme. Got the demo last week and was driving through Ambleside in the lake district - some things and some of the buildings/streets are quite realistic, even if the whole map of that particular area isn't. Particularly love the whole Englishness of it with the road signs, markings etc looking right where everything in games usually more aimed towards American or European markets.
  20. Steesafc

    Steesafc Striker

    I've only ever played 3, but I imagine I'd have enjoyed the setting of the Horizon 2. I certainly think the latest game blows 3 out of the water for visuals.
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