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  1. Botchie

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    For some reason I thought sky we're running trailers earlier in the year.
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  2. load of shite
  3. Barnacle Boy

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  4. Life's A Pitch

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  5. The Voice Of Reason

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    Sounds shit
  6. Barnacle Boy

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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Glad Eccleston is dead ,think he's over rated ,never done nowt decent for yonks
    The yank detective is hood
  8. Dave Herbal

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    Just got round to watching all of this. I thought it was class. Almost as many deaths than GoT and some proper fucked up shit in series 2. Hope there's a third one.
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  9. Billy Rocket

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    Is 2 better than 1 then? I thought 1 was OK but I didn't get round to 2.
  10. Agreed Spanish chick v hot, two police birds were angling for a three-some with lab guy early on.
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  11. Slow and boring, imho.
  12. Fetch Fletch

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    Someone hasn't seen The Leftovers.
  13. Amber

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    It's shit yet brilliant. Totally hooked on it yet wondering why I was watching. Looked forward to every episode.
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  14. FootballFan

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    watched almost the whole of the first season I think.

    unadulterated crap.
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  15. Dave Herbal

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    2 is mental. Dan gans nuts for a kick off.

    JAZZMANB Striker

    I do the washing up so i have,plenty
    If your saying Ecclestone is brilliant in it i think its me has an aversion to his acting which i didn't notice at first
  17. Fetch Fletch

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    :lol: I do know what you mean about him, but he's brilliant in it. VERY funny.

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