former poster passes away

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r.i.p only spoke to her through msn new lads she new also..sad news..think i might know you who posted about going with her best mate or maybe another



I wasnt going to post anything but the family have read the message boards and want me to say how touched they are and we all mean that. Jens 15 year old niece read through them last night and was in tears but hugely apprecicated every comment. Its probably hit her the most, like jenny she never really had a family until recently. Guess thats one of the most tragic things here, jen never had a family really until recently and she got in with her brother and sister who had kids of their own, first time shes been involved with a family. Lost her dad as a baby, mam gone a couple of years ago. Sister never really saw her for a long time and brother was always in and out of her life. Only now they were all together like a family. Those saying families are important for a stable kid are right, jen changed her life around when she had them around her. takes a strong person to actually seek help themselves and change themselves for the better but she did it and took full advantage of it. First met her when she was about 13 and i thougth "what a little ", got older and became what can only be described as a female tony montana. then mam died and she got her brother and sister back, bit of a family unit, got help (without anyone telling her to) and made quite a success of herself. waste of life? nah, she did alot with her life and in the end made the most of it more than many of us ever will. rags to riches type story.
top lass and deserves nothing but respect and credit for how she turned it around. Im sure theyve got their hands full with her upstairs like like someone said, she wont be happy till shes made godess. good luck with that jen, maybe i can behave and see you later.



Jings :-(

Judging by the comments on here, I'm not sure if the "Dearly Departed SMB team" now have a masseuse or a new Captain :-D

Give a big hug to all the lads Jen
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