Forgetting your passwords


Just downloaded the last pass password manager App
Good on phones, just tap your finger print reader and it fills usernames and passwords in on apps too :)
I have the add-on for my laptop web browser too

If you find any other good uses, shout up!

The strongest passwords are actually made up of words and you can have the same formula (but different words) for all your passwords to make them easy to remember. An example would be:


Apparently that is much stronger than a random string of letters/numbers etc. which can be broken in minutes.
Use lastpass for everything now. Lash all my passwords into that.

Still need a master password to access the twat though - which i have forgotten a couple of times now.
Used to use Lastpass. As well as costing me money (I had a paid plan) it meant all my passwords were held by a third party.

Now use KeePassXC. It is a free app that runs on Windows, Linux and Android, keeping your encrypted password vault on your disk or Dropbox/OneDrive. Same principle - one master password gets into your vault. It has some nice features, such as reports to check your passwords for weak passwords, duplicated passwords (bad practice) and username/password combinations which have been exposed in a hack and are on the HaveIBeenPwned database.

If you haven't checked HaveIBeenPwned, you should.
I am useless at passwords, I stay logged in wherever I can, I once locked myself out of an online savings account for 2 years, I knew I had it written down somewhere and found it by chance, I must have to reset my email password at least once a week.
I've used Roboform for about 15 years now.

One password to remember and everything safe in one place.

It also generates new "HARD" passwords if you need it to.


Full Back
I bought some bitcoin a few years back. I have no recollection of how I did it or even what sites/apps I used!!
We were forced to change our work password before Christmas.

After nearly 3 weeks off I could remember my password ‘phrase’ but not the combination of upper/lower case, numbers, special characters.

It seemed that I wasn’t the only daft spenk in the organisation judging by the service manager calls that were logged.