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Foreign mediocrity

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by weebil64, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. weebil64

    weebil64 Winger

    I know it's a futile argument but it's just been pointed out that West Ham have 11 different nationalities in their line up today. That's winless Weat Ham. Surely there must be some britBri players on a par with them?

    Of course as I typed this they took the lead, bastards!
  2. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    They should sign Barley Mumba imo.

    Send him on some maizey dribbles, might raise a rye smile from some supporters. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and signing British players for the sake of it is just a rice to the bottom imo.
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  3. Chelsea never had a Brit starting yesterday and seem to be doing ok
  4. weebil64

    weebil64 Winger

    As I said I know it's futile but how can it be helping to bring English talent through?
  5. viccarlton

    viccarlton Striker

    Whatever happened to the "quota" of English/British players each club was meant to have?
  6. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    Then BritBri players are quality
  7. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    Racist iirc. Can’t even say you’re English these days, and if you do they’ll throw you in jail.
  8. Sorry I sort of took the thread the wrong way, no way it is helping bring through and of our players for the national team, it won’t get any better either anytime soon
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  9. I don't think nationality has anything to do with it. Spending money on the right type of players. West Ham are another club who seem to think that spending big equals success.

    Just look at Watford who have mainly signed cheap foreign players.
  10. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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  11. I thought I got away with it.:lol:
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  12. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker


    So glad you caught that.
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  13. :lol::lol:
    Not often they get past me. I make enough of them.
  14. thamesvalleyman

    thamesvalleyman Midfield

    This exactly. Premier League is the biggest single factor in the downturn of the England national team. Yet one of the lies put out by the greed league was that it would benefit the national team!
  15. Honess10

    Honess10 Central Defender

    Generally speaking the foreigners are cheaper for the same quality but aye agreed. I think there’s value to be had in the lower leagues - look at how solid Hughes is looking at Watford now they’ve took a chance on him after looking decent in the championship for a while. What was he? 7/8 million? Peanuts these days
  16. JERUDONG No.10

    JERUDONG No.10 Midfield

    When they came to Roker in 96/97 they were like the UN. Ferdinand was on the bench too.
  17. Well we did get to the semi final of a World Cup recently so maybe it is working

    I know it was a easy route to the semis
  18. Goes against the grain to point out a situation in which words are incorrectly spelt.
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  19. weebil64

    weebil64 Winger

    With players that aren't necessarily guaranteed a first team place. The national manager has talked about having to look at lower leagues.
  20. And so he should, if a player is not regularly playing for his club there is no way the should be in the England set up

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