For the money we have spent

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Lucky1985, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Left For Dead

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    Wigan seen us coming perhaps? I don't think it's Grigg's quality in question, it's his struggle to adjust - likely down to injury and pressure.
  2. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    Not sure why people think we have spent loads, we haven't

    We sold Maja and replaced him Grigg

    bought 3 players in the summer for fuck all, 2 of whom are pretty shite.
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  3. CollingwoodFTM

    CollingwoodFTM Striker

    It really comes down to how much we have spent vs how much has come in.
  4. We have, even if you exclude Grigg we have spent more than anyone else in the league on both fees and wages.
  5. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    I dont' care about anyone else

    we had two relegations in a row and had no team

    We didnt spend much, in fact we needed to invest more in the summer.
  6. Well how would you judge a lot then? Whether it was enough or not is impossible to know.
    You don’t need to spend money to build a team at this level.
  7. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    Its just my view marra, I think we have lacked quality all year, hence so many draws. I just think we needed a bit more investment

    We could have spent 200k and it be more than the whole league combined, sick of that line, not really interested on what other teams spend

    We aren't trying to become a sustainable league one team.
  8. Lucky1985

    Lucky1985 Midfield

    I’m suggesting that their signings were mostly squad players hence spending fuck all in them, whereas we bought an entire new first team.
  9. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Striker

    Whereas they cracked on with a bunch of League Two runners up and likely finished top. There's no angle on our spend that makes it acceptable if we don't go up, try as you might
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  10. safcforever

    safcforever Striker

    Not to mention we have premier league and championship players still
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  11. riffraff

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    In Boxing parlance we could either punch our weight or above it or below it.
    As we are the biggest club with the biggest ground and highest home gates and highest wage bill and biggest transfer spend then the fact that we aren’t pissing the league tells us that we are punching below our weight. That’s some achievement in this division.
  12. What a terrible analogy :lol:

    Your mate actually had a squad of shit Vauxhall’s. You sold some of your bentleys, but kept a few, and bought some Audi’s to back them up.

    But you can’t drive your Bentleys and Audis like your mate drives his shit old Vauxhalls, and that’s where the problem is.
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  13. Lucky1985

    Lucky1985 Midfield

    They had a team that played well together in league 1 and improved it with a couple of new first teamers. We cobbled together an entire new first team made up of a couple of good players and a handful of unwanted league 1 and Scottish Championship cast offs for free. If we don’t get promoted this season I have no doubt we will next year as we now have the nucleus of a first team and just need to add to it.
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  14. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Striker

    Was saying at work today, the worst thing is I'm still convinced this division is littered with awful teams who we've failed to beat.
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  15. Binxy

    Binxy Central Defender

    11 for Luton
    17 for Sunderland

    That's funny because in your previous post you said "I'm suggesting that they signed mainly squad players".

    So which is it first teamers or squad players?
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  16. chr1s1973

    chr1s1973 Striker

    All things remaining equal,assuming the figures are actually correct (which they never will be) it would be a valid number to look at.

    However,we went down two divisions,which means nothing about our situation is remaining equal or comparable to last season.

    Like the other lad said, the fact we sold Borini,Khazri and whoever else doesn't represent a drop in the quality as they weren't performing as players of that calibre. So aye,it is indeed a completely meaningless point made by the OP.

    That's nothing to do with "net spend" though is it. It's to do with team spirit and things outside of the financial,which is why we are where we are.
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  17. Lucky1985

    Lucky1985 Midfield

    Fact check time:
    Luton signed 11 players this year, not 28.
    Of the 11 they have signed only 6 have played more than 5 games ...55%:

    Aaron Connelly - 1
    Sonny Bradley - 42
    Andrew Shinney - 38
    Matty Pearson - 43
    George Moncur - 32

    Eunan O’Kane - 3
    Jason Cummings - 26
    George Thorne - 3
    Jorge Grant - 13
    Alex Baptiste - 1
    Kazenga Lua Lua - 20

    Their new players attribute for 222 appearances this season.

    Sunderland have signed 17 new players this year, of the 17 we have signed all 17 have played more than 5 times. 100%:

    Will Grigg - 15
    Charlie Wyke - 22
    Jack Baldwin - 34
    Dylan McGeoch - 21
    Jon McLaughlin - 43
    Glen Loovens - 11
    Alim Ozturk - 7
    Tom Flanagan- 29
    Grant Leadbitter - 14
    Reece James - 27
    Chris McGuire - 30
    Jimmy Dunne - 12
    Jerome Sinclair - 19
    Kaziah Sterling - 6
    Max Power - 32
    Lewis Morgan - 15
    Luke O’Nien - 34

    Our new signings attribute to 371 appearances.

    So tell me again how everyone else in the league have changed their entire squad and we are no different to the rest of the league :rolleyes:

    Source: Sunderland AFC - Transfers 18/19
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  18. LineTrash

    LineTrash Striker

    Is that the excuse we’re going with...?
  19. Lucky1985

    Lucky1985 Midfield

    No that’s me pointing out that other guy was lying to suit his agenda. My op was just they people are constantly whinging that we spent a lot of money so we should win the league, and it’s not taking anything else into account which in my opinion is wrong.
    People then keep coming at me and putting words in my mouth making alternative arguments, so being the argumentative sod I am I argue back. But I keep coming back to my original point; there’s more to it than how much we spent.
  20. LineTrash

    LineTrash Striker

    There’s is more to it...the manager plays shit football.

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