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  1. Joe-B

    Joe-B Striker

    Yep had Isak on loan for three seasons before getting him for nowt :lol: class player. Got him and Caggiano who's a regen who are both class but only play one up top so if one goes a few games without scoring the other one usually does
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  2. gards2

    gards2 Striker

    Here we go again! Watford! Smashing them in for fun! Four times I've tried now, I accept a defeat but 8-3? Just fuckoff! They are usually 3-0 within half an hour regardless of tactics or anything haha

    **** of a game
  3. Fucking bore off man

    Why play something you clearly hate? Mentalist.
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  4. I would fucking love to see your team and tactics :lol:
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  5. gards2

    gards2 Striker

    It's nee laughing matter :evil:
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  6. :lol: two footed challenge. No messing about.
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  7. Peterlee James would never send his teams out to hurt opponents ;)
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  8. Banks

    Banks Striker

    I know what your implying but you could pick anyone's tactics apart really Even someone who was winning the Champions league with Barnet would have flaws in their tactics
  9. Aye but this seems to be an extreme case. I only keep coming back to this thread for his posts. He’s absolutely torturing himself. :lol:
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  10. Get Into Em

    Get Into Em Full Back

    Into 2041 on one of my saves. SAFC are in League 2:oops: Their all-time record goalscorer for a single season is Charlie Wyke with 37 League Goals, 44 in total.:eek:
  11. gards2

    gards2 Striker

    This game takes the piss.
  12. Joe-B

    Joe-B Striker

    You've struggled whilst cheating man, give up. Or pick someone else.
  13. You have to be doing this on purpose. No one is that shit. Even if you were bad you'd get lucky eventually.
  14. gards2

    gards2 Striker

    Sheff Utd are bottom. We're 17th. They were 5-2 up with 20 minutes left. It's ridiculous the match engine, only works when it feels like it. Players standing around..devoid of tactics, training or skill. I think i'll just accept relegation for the lolz.
  15. Joe-B

    Joe-B Striker

    Struggling despite cheating :rolleyes::lol:
  16. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Winger

    Have you set up anything coachwise or are you just picking the team?
  17. gards2

    gards2 Striker

    I've been playing this series for years man. I've had every cup there is to win on previous versions (no editor). I'm getting a bit lazy, aye, that's age and I CBA in general with tweaking every minor detail no, life goes on.

    I have noticed in recent versions how much of a cheating **** the AI can be, I hate cheats, despise them. Kids are cheating the game. it's obvious, go on the steam forums. The devs made the game so hard, they actually allow us to haha so I don't even bother acknowledging the comments about me cheating. I save before crucial games. The kids take the piss with the editor, I could do that aye, no bother.

    It's not my life's work, sorry if the bairns get upset with my comments sometimes, they wouldn't dream of cheating, right?

    Anyway, uninstalled.
  18. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Winger

    I never do the save and play again, you may as well just pretend you've won the treble. :lol:

    There must be some minor detail making it so frustrating.
  19. Dexter

    Dexter Striker

    This game is literally easier than any other Football Manager.
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  20. Thank fuck for that

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