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Football Manager 2012 Thread 2

Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by RobR Safc, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. F12 is to print screen using steam mate
  2. KarlM

    KarlM Winger

    Cheers mate. Not so sure whether to try my 2 defender tactic like.
  3. Can anybody recommend a decent right midfield winger? I've only got McClean, I can use Richardson but he is more attacking midfield.

    Midfield right is the only area where the side is weakest.

    On the pc version what is the maximum number of players you can have in a squad? Playing the iPad version and I'm limited to a total of 35.
  4. Rage

    Rage Midfield

    I've just went to try and get back into my game and its saying game unavailable....................?
  5. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    25 iirc
  6. AndyPandy

    AndyPandy Central Defender

    Club got taken over by an Italian-English businessman, and wanted to replace me, but was met with a fan backlash so he said my job was safe. Then crucified 5 teams 4-0 and he was more than happy.

    Fierro is just rediculous. We have so many good players, and a few world-class too. In addition to some youngsters performing their hearts out game after game.
    The league will be mine, I can sense it. We are just playing with a Man Utd dominance, I sense victory before every game. :cool:

    Only signed one guy in the summer, moved a few on. Tried to mix it up upfront with this tall target-man (young+eng) from Liverpool, but he has not been that great so its been Bataras+Fierro leading the line.
    Jan came, and I moved on Carcela (huge mistake, why did I buy him) and replaced him with a LW from Man City who wanted out. He was begging me to get him, and even told Madrid and Barca where to go. :eek:

    Barca, Inter, AC, etc are all interested in 4 players:
    Jacare - CB
    Escalante - AM
    van der Putten - DM
    Bataras - ST

    Man City also have a guy called Josh Barlow, a monster of a striker with several 20 stats, is young and english and whos value is only 10.5m. Tried to move Bataras on for £30m and replace him like-for-like with Barlow to aid the National Team, get a better player, make some profit, and meet the home-grown rules a bit more.
    Turns out Barlow is arriving on £47m deal :eek: with no padding out due to Bataras refusing to leave me - bit of OTT man-love....

    Should be fine for money, I was not expecting the £17m+£30m monthly installments to take such a hit, so I will have to sell the above bar Putten in the summer and replace with regens if possible. Could easily make £75m from them, but depends on the financial outlook. We bleed money/month due to high wages (too high for the club) due to low attendances (only 20k max) and shit sponsor deals when we were shit. Without the PL+CL, we would be skint, but fortunately that shows no signs of letting up, especially when Barlow decides to announce himself to the Bury fans in his second game v Lyon by scoring 8 goals :eek: and getting 4 assists. All that money is looking worth it, he is just so clinical. May even eclipse Fierro if this is the sign of things to come.
  7. Theonemoo

    Theonemoo Goalkeeper

    Currently 7th on GD with the mags/Chelsea having the same points, Won the League Cup and in the Semis of the FA cup with Shawcross and Fierro joining me at the end of the season.
    bought Hutton for 5m over 48 months and Loaned out Gago for 3.1m which considering i got him for free is excellent. Sold Turner Vaughan Cattermole and Davies to free up wages.
  8. Finished my second year in charge of Sunderland.

    Finished second in the prem on 72 points, Chelsea finished first on 80 points.

    Made it to the Euro Cup final and expected to get hammered by CSKA Moscow, so played in a heavily defensive formation. Game went to penalties after 1-1 at full time. Sunderland won 3-1 on penalties! CSKA were completely rubbish taking their penalties.

    Got beat by Chelsea 4-0 at the FA Cup Final. My lot just didn't turn up :evil:
    I played the Euro Cup three days earlier, had to rest my strongest strikers Gyan and Ji as they were still recovering from Euro. I couldn't play Ba during cup games for some reasons. So had to rely on Whickham and Campbell and I guess they just weren't on form. Expected better of my defence too.

    So final prem stats were
    Won 22 Drew 13 Lost 3

    Top scorers
    Ji Dong-Won 25
    Gyan 23
    Whickham 14 (I'm having serious doubts about him, the run up to the end of the season he has been a bit lax in his commitment, and getting tired of defending him to the media)

    Another signing which has been a bit of a disappointment is Carlos Fierro, given him plenty of opportunities to earn a place in first team and he has been very quiet on the pitch. Going to stick with him though he might improve.
  9. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    Yeah I've come to the conclusion that Fierro is a bit shit with the latest update. He might get better, but that's only gonna happen by playing him, but he's too shite to use really. Goons smash it out on FM when I get home from work like.
  10. Stadium of Fright

    Stadium of Fright New Member

    Just started a game with Vitesse in Holland. Told them I'd get Europa League qualification and was promptly given £9.75m to spend with a £300k wage budget :lol: Quality budget for an Eredivisie side! Trying to sign a few decent Brazilians like, hopefully help me mount a challenge for the Champions League places. Wilfried Bony up front is an animal though. Great target man. Chanturia is a good, tricky winger too. They've a good team do Vitesse!
  11. JohnChard

    JohnChard New Member

    took over sunderland in the championship. promoted first time, champions. since then won the PL twice in a row, league cup 3 times in a row, 1 fa cup and 1 charity shield
  12. Fievel

    Fievel Full Back Contributor

    Second season, December and somehow on top of League One with Port Vale. I had to let my striker who almost single-handedly got us promoted go because the board were tight, so I brought in Ryan Noble (who Sunderland released). He's got 12 goals in 17 so far.
  13. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    Hell on...
  14. Stadium of Fright

    Stadium of Fright New Member

  15. Fievel

    Fievel Full Back Contributor

    January and he's just got injured for a month. Hell is indeed on.
  16. Raich Carter

    Raich Carter Winger

    I'm in the premier league, with plymouth it's 2017.
    Steve bruce is the manager of man united and we don't get on :lol: went to man united and turned them over 2-1. I'm about 10th and quite happy with my run in, hoping for europe, but will obviously take safety :cool:.
  17. Macphisto

    Macphisto Goalkeeper

    I was addicted to FM2007 but hated 08 and 09 which put me off buying later versions altogether. Now I'm thinking I might pick up FM2012 to see what all the fuss is about. Is it every bit as enjoyable as the much loved FM2007?
  18. rockaway

    rockaway Striker

    Hold on mate i'll just get in the ol' time machine go back to my dads house 5 years ago to see which one you're on about...... Ahhh that one, FM2007?

  19. Ended up finishing 7th in my first season with the lads on the new update, now upto December in my second, top of my Europa group, 4th in the EPL and still in the league cup.

    Some canny signings as well shown below.




  20. [​IMG]


    Toby Alderweirld would be at LD over Brown, dont know why he's out on the right flank! :lol:

    Seb would be out there too
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2012
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