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Flying Scotsman

Discussion in 'Photography discussion' started by MaDMaCKeM, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. MaDMaCKeM

    MaDMaCKeM Midfield

    After some info, probably from ICBYD ;) The Scotsman will be crossing the Ribblehead Viaduct on 31st this month, I've never been before so looking for good vantage point and any idea of the approximate time it will be crossing !!

    Railtour information

    • Tickets price: £220 per person.
    • Tickets are NOW sold out.
    • Pick up stations: Oxenhope, Haworth, Keighley or Skipton.
    • Departure times: Approx. 08:30 from Oxenhope, exact times will be announced nearer the time.
  2. Yeah, I'm going so you are welcome to meet me

    The weather is usually bad there like, it took 7 attempts to get my first decent ribblehead steam shot

    Times will be on UK steam sooner of later

    You need to get down for the morning pass as that's going uphill and there'll be plenty of steam

    Downhill going back so often they coast with no steam at all
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  3. MaDMaCKeM

    MaDMaCKeM Midfield

    Any idea how long it takes from oxenhope to get to the viaduct? Supposedly leaving there at 8.30 but they mess with the times to deter his public from trying to see the loco
  4. Difficult to predict. I think last time I had to Google steam message boards as they were trying to be secretive, but there's always ways of finding out as times have to be disclosed to the rail industry
  5. K3NA

    K3NA Central Defender

    Where's my invite ?????????
  6. Assumed you were dead :rolleyes:

    Ot @TiredEyes has been posting fake photos on the smb :lol:
  7. TiredEyes

    TiredEyes Winger

    I managed to win 3 SMB comps with them!!

    Everyones a sucker for bonny colours, you know that ;)
  8. K3NA

    K3NA Central Defender

    Not yet !!!!!
  9. tom tom macute

    tom tom macute Full Back

    [QUOTE="TiredEyes, post: 25101948, member: 18633"]I managed to win 3 SMB comps with them!!

    Everyones a sucker for bonny colours, you know that ;)[/QUOTE]

    Impressive CV that, start tomorrow.

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