Flop Game Collectors Editions


Anyone got anything out of the ordinary. I'm often interested as to who buys a lot of the games that come with figures etc for a game that flops. I have a couple on my gaming shelf.

I really bought into the hype for Alan Wake and I have this big collectors edition which includes a book that I've never read. While the game wasn't a flop, I wasn't particularly a fan and it really stands out on my shelf of games

The second is far more noticeable and random. I really bought into the Kinect when it came out, and my girlfriend at the time didn't play games but thought the idea was cool and therefore we got the game Kinectimals. It in fairness was actually a quite fun game of minigames, but the edition we bought had a blue stuffed tiger with it. It looks super out of place on my shelf.



I have an old Atari 2600 ET game cartridge in the loft somewhere. It wasn't that bad of a game for its time tbh.