Flights to NYC.

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  1. Redandwhitedust

    Redandwhitedust Goalkeeper

    Aer Lingus via Dublin.

    Usually cheap and you get to clear US immigration/customs at Dublin so you avoid the queues at their end.

    First place I look for flights to the states now. It's great getting off the plane and being able to just walk through.
  2. Sotodave

    Sotodave Subs Bench

    Going through immigration/customs at major US airports is quicker than going through the same atMagland airport...I was in San Francisco a completely of weeks ago and it’s mostly automated now with loads of terminals that check your passport
  3. Beau Peep

    Beau Peep Midfield

    Immigration is an absolute piece of piss in the US these days. Mostly automated and a cursory stop at a manned booth and straight in.
  4. Binternet

    Binternet Midfield

    Went through Sandiego last year and was standing outside the airport less than 10 minutes after the plane door was opened, and that included collecting luggage. Quickest ive ever got through a US airport before.

    For the OP, jack's flight club is your friend here. Well worth the £15 fee.
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  5. Try if you are looking for hotels also. Took the missus in April and booked Flights and Hotel through British Airways. Was a really good deal
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  6. mickeymoor

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    Last time I went, flew from Edinburgh into Newark flight time one hour less than from Heathrow with American Airline
  7. jlaws

    jlaws Midfield

    Only if you have an ESTA that has been used before I believe? I waited 1.5 hours at JFK last week as 1st time I had used the ESTA.
  8. Ditchboy

    Ditchboy Central Defender

    Thanks will check out the suggestions. Both new estas unfortunately. Mine expired a little while ago now.
  9. Redandwhitedust

    Redandwhitedust Goalkeeper

    Must have changed a lot since I was last there then. It was organised chaos.

    Beautiful thing about flying through DUB, no passport checks on departure or arrival at NCL either. All passport checks done on departure on the international legs at either JFK or DUB. Dublin airport is a breeze as well
  10. b1gals

    b1gals Winger

    Possibly, if you know your way through the terminal, but having done similar last year I made sure we had a bit longer when we go back in September.
  11. gabbiadini1

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    Depends where you’re staying. Flights to Newark tend to be cheaper. I’m here now and paid $360 return with united. Check if anyone’s doing any sales soon..
    Can be helpful too
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  12. Crayola-Kid

    Crayola-Kid Midfield

    I wouldn’t. Did the reverse a couple of years ago and very nearly missed the connection to Newcastle - flight north ended up boarding late so we made it by about 5 mins
  13. Themig

    Themig Winger

    Try a cheap flight to Dublin then on to New York from there. I got mine cheap as chips doing it that way
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  14. Binternet

    Binternet Midfield

    It's different going inbound though as you have to go through security again. When the Newcastle flight lands you they will scan your boarding card for the NYC flight and you go up the escalator into the main departures lounge at T5. No security check. All NYC flights leave from T5 as well so no chance of having to goto T3. Total transit time will be less than 5 minutes. As long as you have enough time to get to satellite terminal B or C (extra 10 mins) you will be fine.
  15. jlaws

    jlaws Midfield

    They would automatically put you on the next flight and book you a hotel if that happened. So if you don't have work the next day then thats fine. Happened to me last summer and I rejected the offer and insisted they book me a taxi.
  16. davaman

    davaman Full Back

    Booked a few weeks ago spent a while searching websites for best price in the end went with a flight/hotel deal direct with
  17. Kevsgreat

    Kevsgreat Striker

    This, BA was the cheapest I could find when we booked back in Jan, especially when it was paired up with the hotel booking.
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