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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Ditchboy, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Ditchboy

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    What’s the best website to find flights to NYC. Sky scanner is good but then the baggage isn’t included and looks like it has to be added with the airline directly for some strange reason. Best I’ve found so far is £430 each baggage included from Manchester on the dates I want to go. Am I unlikely to get anything better? January 2020.
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    Be cold.
  3. anth

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    That’s roughly what we paid last year to go to Florida. You might save a little by shopping around but don’t expect to save more than 30-50 each.
  4. Ditchboy

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    I don’t mind the cold/snow. I’ve been in the summer but always wanted to go in the winter.
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    Some Virgin flights to JFK in Jan 2020 for £288
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    Why do you need luggage?
  7. Been to NYC 4 times in the last 5 years from NCL with either BA or KLM/ Delta via AMS and have never paid more than £350 with luggage. Flights will come on offer every few weeks.

    Cabin luggage is generous enough for scheduled airlines for a long weekend, unless your lass it the type that travels with half a makeup counter. Alternatively book separately and only pay for one checked bag and the other without
  8. stretch

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    Will need a case for costs, salapets, hats gloves etc in January.

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  9. Because of this:
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    I've been late January/early February and it was freezing but quite dry so I really enjoyed walking around Manhatten. Not sure if I just got lucky with how dry it was. I think the last time I went was in September and flights then were about £320 from Manchester, I don't remember having to add baggage
  11. Salapetes - are you taking some cross country skis too just in case?

    I have done ski resorts in Canada at winter time when it has been -40 C and have never had to wear Ski pants anywhere other than on the slopes, just layer up, merino wool long johns
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    Found 2 decent flights from Newcastle, connecting at Heathrow with 1 hour 15 between flights (Both BA). That should be enough time shouldn't it?
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    Take a look at Norwegian Airlines.
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    ^ this fella knows ^
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    Surely the page where the actual flight is detailed gives you the details regarding luggage? I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a flight without an explanation of what is included in the ticket plus an opportunity to add further luggage if I go on to actually book.
  17. Beau Peep

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    I used to love mid January in New York. Cold, crisp and quiet, just normal people going about their business. It's the only time of year the tourists don't tend to come. Particularly coming after the insane Thanksgiving and Christmas period where you could barely walk to work without kicking some dithering tourist in the arse and humanity, noise and fuss just flooded on the city.

    Google Flights then follow the links. I'd usually book direct with the airline unless there's a huge difference in price. It's a lot easier to change or add to a direct booking than an agent.
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    If its booked as one flight then yes as they will make sure you make the flight or get you on the next one
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    Are you tuning in?
  20. Lovely.

    Or it’s minus forty and your face falls off.

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