Flickr uploading failing (help please anybody?)

Tried to upload 70, one failed, tried several times but no improvement. Tried 69, but one failed. Tried 68, but one failed try 66....

Googled .....others seem to be having same problem with uploading.

Went back and started over with five photos, three fails
Tried with one ...failed to upload.

Even with seventy tried and one fail, you can't continue to upload the remaining 69, you have to be successful with all 70.

Not sure how to proceed. Is there an answer to uploading on flickr?
Do I use another place to store my photos? Bit of a pain as I have been taking my photos off pc and storing on Flickr in albums. Don't really want to start over, as everything seems to take so long to do.

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Thank you!

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How are you uploading your photos, Desktop uploader, drag and drop?

I had a similar problem a few years back and using the desktop loader fixed it.

No idea why.
I'm persevering. Have been told to try tomorrow.

How am I uploading
. go to my photos on laptop
. select all (that I want)
. they show on flickr page
.click the flickr upload
. sometime later, some or all fail to upload, meaning none get uploaded.

I have now got one to upload, so will persevere a little longer .... so slow for something that should be done in minutes has taken the best part of an evening.


Edit: now 1.08 am and I have 20 out of 70 photos added to a flickr album. It is taking far too long!
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