Flat Earth...again

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Cowvahlo, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. mason

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    Someone I work with came out with this. And the same argument about their being no proof that its not flat.

    I apologised for being rude before I laughed in his face.
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  3. Butter

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    If it was round and you timed it right you'd get a right old distance at the long jump.
  4. zinedine

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    At least 2 feet because I've dug a hole in my garden that depth and my shovel didn't disappear into space.
    I wonder how many boats have slipped off the edge?

    Edit. Just read more of the thread and there is a massive dome over over the flat earth so nobody has fell off the edge. I wonder who made and installed the dome?
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  5. GK

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  6. DaveH

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    Spot on, same as throwing a tennis ball on a train. If you sit on a train when it is still and throw a ball straight up in the air it will drop straight back down in your lap. If you wait for a train to get up to speed and repeat, then the ball again falls in your lap rather than flying backwards to hit you in the face. The train can not be moving. If you look outside the window, you apparently see the countryside flying past. The only logical conclusion is that trains are a stationary portal placed there by governments on the advice of aliens. While they stay as a fixed point in space keeping its occupants safe, the world outside is rapidly shifted. It is this shifting of the land to create the 'train illusion' that creates earthquakes. It is no coincidence that as trains get faster, we have had a number of bigger earthquakes recently. The fastest trains are in Japan, and look what happened there in 2011.
  7. Cowvahlo

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    :cool:fantastic theory mate. Have you seen Futurama? Thats how the spaceship works, the engines keep it still but moves the universe around the spaceship instead. Clever stuff.
  8. parm

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    how could planes fly flat and level hour after hour on a globe earth ?
  9. Dagzd1973

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    Shit bait. Doesn't even make sense.

    1/10. Try harder.
  10. parm

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    a plane takes off , reaches 9-10.000 ft and stays level until it descends for landing . on a ball earth that pilot would have to be tipping the nose every few minutes
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  12. Unbalanced Views

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    Reading these Flat Earth threads makes me laugh and cry in equal measure - I know we can't all be astrophysicists but for goodness sake, some of the arguments for are medieval - I blame the parents
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    Parm is just fishing for bites. Don't engage with him whatever you do.
  14. niknak_123

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    What I don't understand is that the 'round earth' people must have proof it's round. Why don't they just present this to the 'flat earth people' and be done with it. The 'round earth' people's unwillingness to debate the situation seems to drag out the arguement
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    It doesnt matter what you say they have an answer for eveything.
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  16. Unbalanced Views

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    Top tip - thanks, My old Professor would be foaming at the mouth at some of the nonsense on this thread
  17. Dagzd1973

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    A basic understanding of aeroplanes, gravity and aerodynamics would answer parms question. Problem is, he'd just come back with an equally stupid question.
  18. Scotty

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    with one of these

  19. parm

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    almost as believable as the claims of the globe earthers
  20. Narraback

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    Oblate spheroidist bastards mate.
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