Flat Earth...again

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  1. Perhaps we do not understand the end reasoning, does this mean the question should not be asked?
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    Watching from what though. The solar system is rotating round the center of the milky way, so if you're watching from the centre of the milky way the motion is more complex than that. If you're watching from the central point in the universe its more complex again, as the whole lot of it is still expanding.
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    Fucking hell mate. Got right deep under your skin haven't I? :lol:
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    And that half-sentence is the entire reason you've reached a ridiculous conclusion.
    You aren't justified in believing something, courtesy of the inability of others (or you yourself) to explain a particular incident or phenomena, which in this instance doesn't even have any causal necessity from what you're proposing as the solution. The solution you're proposing also creates thousands of new problems and contradictions for every 1 it 'solves'.

    'Explain this to me. What is the explanation for the origin of the universe? You can't? Well in that case, some YouTube video reckons 3 metaphysical Hippopotamuses farted, and the universe came into existence as an accidental follow-through'. The lack of a coherent explanation to x, does not warrant asserting absurd explanations in its absence. That is an argument from ignorance fallacy, and it is how virtually every conspiracy theory occurs.
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    I did not watch that dome video when first posted. A sudden lack of turbulance means there is an invisible dome covering us?? Nice logical conclusion there.
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    Mate you can clearly see the exhaust trails switch off at the exact moment they claim it hit the dome.
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    Is there anyone on here that believes in this shite? It's like trying to educate a brick wall
  8. I believe the earth is flat. There is no evidence to suggest that it's not frankly
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    Go on then.. post your evidence. :lol:
  10. It's simple

    If the earth was round, helicopters wouldn't need to travel. They'd just hang there and wait for the earth to move
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    That's not evidence
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  14. It is

    Explain it
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    Really warranted another thread.
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    But planes arc around the earth that's why they alter their altitude :lol:
  18. Bollocks
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    You've got the thread the wrong way around mate, you're supposed to say you believe it...then revel in the dogs abuse you get afterwards.:lol:
  20. hard to tell, there have never been any threads on it.
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