Firsts that happened the month you were born.

I’ve been told chicory tip were the first to hit the top spot with a synth playing in it. I suppose that’s canny but someone out there must have something way better. Moon landing etc
  • The Beatles met George Martin and recorded Besame Mucho with Pete Best on drums
  • The only prisoners to ever escape from Alcatraz escaped. From Alcatraz as it happens.
  • Jack Nicklaus won his first major, the US Open in a playoff against Arnold Palmer.
  • The first test flight of a hovercraft (I got to meet the wife of one of the test pilots many years later)
  • Ross Perot setup EDS
  • Rwanda and Burundi gained independence
Liverpool became the first British side to retain the European Cup.

Ipswich shocked Arsenal to win their first & so far only FA Cup.

Saturday Night Fever OST started its 4 month stay at the top of the album charts.

Jim’s Dad welcomed his warm apple pie shagging son into the world.
Yanks doing loads of nuclear testing at Bikini Atol.
Riots against the French in Algeria
Offensive started against Castro in Cuba
Chairman Mao announces great leap forward program. (I'm still waiting)
Real Madrid with distefano and puskas make it 3 European cups in a row


World cup comp started in Switzerland. West Germany won, obvs.
French lose battle of Mang Yang pass in Vietnam in the first Indochinese war. (this kind of escalated)
CIA engineered a military coup in Guatamala (this kind of escalated)
Sarah Mae Fleming was expelled from a bus in South Carolina for sitting in a whites-only section. (this kind of escalated)
UEFA was formed
First atomic power station opened
Alan Turing topped himself


SAFC played their first game under floodlights in a friendly match against Dundee on 10 December of that year (Sunderland won 5 v 3). the day before I was born... :cool:


Full Back
August 1987

Aug 1 Mike Tyson outpoints Tony Tucker in 12 in a heavyweight boxing unification matchup in Las Vegas, first to own all 3 major belts WBA, WBC and IBF at the same time.
Aug 7 Javed Miandad becomes first to score 6,000 Test runs for Pakistan as he cracks 260 in drawn 5th Test v England at The Oval.
Aug 8 Lynne Cox became 1st to swim from US to Russia across Bering Strait.



I used to have a 'last time', given that the day after I was born Sunderland completed their last double over Newcastle.

Fortunately the six-in-a-row put paid to that one.