First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin.

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    Jesus was from North Africa or the Middle East and he is white in pictures and that :eek: :lol:

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    :lol: Good spot! Religion finally proven false.
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  3. MC1R

    It’s a gene mutation, anyone can get that mutation but it’s rare as an evolutionary occurance. In Britain anyone with freckles are not suddenly developing the mutation, we’re inheriting it from thousands of years of ancestry. Hope this helps you understand.

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  4. No I don’t really understand to be honest and I’m unsure how British gingers, Asian gingers, Jewish gingers and African gingers are relevant to the black man being found.

    Or is the point that there isn’t any relevance and that the ginger gene mutation MANCHESTER1 can occur globally in any race?
  5. It can occur in any person randomly, but it is literally one in a billion chance to happen randomly and even then it is a recessuve gene so unless that person finds a partner with the gene any offspring will not have it, so let’s say a random African randomly mutates a MC1R (Melano Cortin 1 Receptor) gene, it’s extremely unlikely that gene continue on.
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  6. Thanks so why are there more in Britain and is there a link to the black man who was found?
  7. We don’t know for sure, it could be that a group migrated here in antiquity who all carried the gene. It could also be that an unknown dietary or enviromental factor caused a large group to develop the mutation, ultimately we dont know for sure.

    What we do know is that it is prevalent here more than anywhere else.
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    Quite certain there are blue eyed people in Ethiopia and the surrounding area.
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  10. Funnt that. The lightest hair being Blond yet Saxony (Saxons) are not in the lightest zone.
  11. Went to malmo for the day. Blonde lasses were old news by lunch time. They were all tall and lush mind
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  12. Had you drank 6 pints? They appear fit and blonde but they have a gene mutation that turns them into freckly black gingers when you’re sober.
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  13. I'm not a millionaire mate
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    Nah, but it shows there's a clear pattern to the origin of hair colour. Obviously the more years pass the more diffuse hair colour became within populations. You'll never see a blonde Arab or Black-haired Viking unless their ancestors were migrants to the region.

    Tbf I think the teacher at school was just trying to make a point. It's also possible She was totally talking out of her ass. Either way, it outlines the basics of genetics.
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    That explains my massive schlong then.
  16. It’s way too simplistic and science now shows this is wrong, Saxony not ven in the 2nd lightest zone.
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    I'm no historian, and I did say "something like that" in my original post, meaning I can't remember the exact details and She could have been wrong. There's obviously a pattern though, and the red hair gene has been traced back to the vikings, so obviously the blonde hair gene has an origin as does the brown and black hair gene. Not sure why you're so fixated on Germany though, or Saxony to be exact. It's not proving any point you've made and you've not posted any science to disprove my primary school knowledge.
  18. Red hair isn’t from the Vikings, you’ll find no credible scientific study that suggests that, as you were the one making the post about where these things come from the onus is on you to prove it. Quite simply, you won’t be able to.
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    Mods! I don't know where he got this photo of me but surely posting some ones real pic isn't allowed on here.
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