First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by raindog, Feb 7, 2018.

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    I'd think it would be obvious that the early settlers would tend to be darker as we migrated up from where dark skin was an advantage.
    As we move north less need for melanin in the skin due to the decrease in sun strength.
    Also probably better clothes and maintenance of environmental conditions over time, clothes, heating etc would likely play a part in the reduction.

    Mebbies not like but seems reasonable to me.
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  2. aukq

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    The Druids will have hell on about this.
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    What are you doing?!
    You can't bring in common sense, reason and logic here!

    This is the SMB! The lunatics took over this asylum ages ago!
  4. They now think it was europe
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  5. Pancho

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    As I've already pointed out to another poster, the research clearly states that is not the case.

    Are we now adding genome sequencers, along with climatologists and economists to the list of disembling academics?
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  6. raindog

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    So I assume if you follow the bible Adam and Eve were both black and not like this?


    but more like this instead ...

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  7. I will look it up when I get home but as I read it everyone in the world except for sub saharans has Neanderthal DNA for the simple reason that they originally came from Africa thus every other race had the DNA in them and the Neanderthals themselves were a dead end.
  8. WHD

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    Neanderthals were mainly in Europe and left Africa much earlier than Homo sapiens. The homo sapiens that migrated into Asia, Australia and America would have had little if any contact with them (so I'm lead to believe).
  9. Keith S30S

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    But I'm not taking about the modern day British people. I'm talking ancient Britains. This bloke might have only been in the country for days when he died or his kin might have been here for hundreds of years. There may have been one tribe in the country or there may have been several who'd migrated from from different places.

    There is no way anyone can know the answer to these questions. There are no black people with blue eyes in Africa now. Was there 10,000 years ago and have they died out?

    Me, I am blonde (long gone) and blue eyed. I'm of viking stock obviously but the viking's probably originated in Africa anyway :)
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    I agree,

    Just like Jesus would have looked like a middle eastern, arabic man, rather than the white man Christian art portrays him to be.

    There really was a very racist, European centric approach behind all of the early works in medieval Christianity
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  11. Keith S30S

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    Arabic? He was Jewish. Many people in Israel look European.

    Not that I believe in religion anyway.
  12. MrOompapa

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    Arabic was used there only as a description of appearance.

    Israeli Jews look European because after the demise of ancient Israel, many lived and intermingled in Europe for centuries.

    There were however, Jews who stayed behind in the Middle East from then to the present. These are called Mizrahi Jews and yes, they look like Arabs.
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  13. You could also wonder why they both have navels when they weren't "born" ?

    You might even wonder if the bible is simply a book of silly old stories ?
  14. Semites .
  15. It's a fallacy that gingers came from Vikings or elsewhere, Britain and Ireland have more gingers than anywhere else and the gene that predicts it "MC1R" is almost endemic here, yes it can be found in small quantities in Northern France, Scandinavia and Coastal Germany.. ironically all countries that are not far from our shores.
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  16. Fats

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    Actually, according to QI on Friday, Asia has more gingers than anywhere else.
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  17. It's false. Yes people from The Caucasus and some Central Asian parts have some Red Heads but it's a different mutation, for example they're less likely to have coarse hair and freckly bodies that you find in Britain and Ireland. Plus it's a much smaller number and it's largely due to conservative inbreeding. That's why some Jews are redheads, they don't breed out very often.
  18. maghater

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    Hardly news, we cannot control our borders now, never mind 10,000 years ago
  19. [​IMG]
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    Probably had just come up from down the pit
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