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Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by Stiffinho, Jan 4, 2019.

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    In August just gone, I did my first bike ride in 20 years - a 25 mile bike ride (on a borrowed bike) with pubs stops along the way. I fell off twice (once within 10 minutes of setting off, the second after six pints) but otherwise enjoyed it.

    Now, I'm looking to get my first bike in over twenty years. I'd be using it for the two mile commute to and from work (it's good to be green) on roads, and for some recreational rides (possibly on gravel paths as well as roads).

    Wouldn't look to be spending a lot - where do I start? What sort of bike should I be looking at?
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    Don't need a passenger seat m8.
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  3. Hybrid or MTB?
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    I think mountain bike would be OTT but some people seem to think hybrids are basically rubbish. I have no real idea.
  5. You are only cycling 2 miles for starters, and possibly on a bit of gravel. I’d look at 2nd hand bikes that are sold by fatties a few weeks after Christmas. If you get into mountain biking or road racing then spend £300+ at that point.

    Speak to someone at a local independent shop?

    Recommend me a bike......
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    Sounds advice, ta!
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