Firefighters battle wildfire in Nelson -Tasman region of New Zealand

Discussion in 'SMB' started by SteveFTM, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Global warming?
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    Hi mate, thanks for the concern it's been one hell of a dramatic journey and it's still not over. The fire continues into it's 7th day, firefighters, civil defence and volunteers have been amazing. The township of Wakefield is still in lockdown and looks more like a war zone with army personnel patroling the area. We're in for another scorching day but with wildfire the main concern is the wind. Official reports this morning are that the expected high winds didn't materialize during the night which enabled firefighters to progress unhindered by the wind. It could still be several days before anything positive is announced but we remain hopeful, the thought of losing our home and everything in it doesn't bare thinking about. I'm trying to keep strong and positive for our lass, she's not normally one to show emotions but the tears have flown this past week. I think for me it's the feeling of being so helpless, relying on others for help doesn't sit easy for us. Having said that the generosity shown by complete strangers has been overwhelming and something we'll never forget.

    It seems that someone was towing a farm plough across stoney ground and a spark from the plough blades hitting the ground started the fire. Needless to say all use of farming machinery has now been banned in the area. The ground is so dry here the smallest of sparks could start a wildfire. Never thought that I would be wanting to see a downpour of rain so much.
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  3. It’s been on the main BBC news over here too. Glad to hear it’s looking a little bit more positive and great you’ve got plenty of people helping you out. Still got everything crossed that weather gods are on your side mate.
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    Home Sweet Home

    12/02/2019 7:54am

    Overnight, FENZ resources included one drone team (four drones); 85 fire personnel consisting of 14 vegetation crews and 11 structure crews, nine excavators/bulldozers and two tanker crews.

    The crews are managing remaining hotspots - there remain multiple hotspots close to roads in Pigeon Valley, Redwood Park Road, Red Stag Road and Eves Road.

    Things went very well overnight regarding the return of residents to Wakefield. It should be noted that this access is conditional on the fire situation and people should be ready to evacuate should the call be made.

    It was such a wonderful feeling to be told we could return home even if we could be called upon to leave again. Nowt beats sleeping in your own bed :D
    The good that's come from all this has been making new friends, we got on so well with the couple that offered us accomodation that we've agreed to keep in touch.
    The streets here were patrolled by both the local police and army incase the town had to be evacuated. Should that have been required we were told police would sound their vehicle sirens along with the fire station siren plus police and army personnel would make house to house calls to ensure everyone was out safely. I've been really impressed how well they have handled this state of emergency.
    So for now all is good, just need to catch up on what's been happening with the football, horse racing and where to eat in Durham on these boards :lol:
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    Really glad things seem to be looking up at last.
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  6. Great news mate! You’ve timed your return nicely too ;) Equine flu: British horse racing to resume after shutdown over virus
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    Thanks for your messages of support, it's great knowing that people have taken an interest in our welfare, cheers.

    Thanks mate, really appreciate your messages of support and this also goes for others that have posted concern and messages of support.
    It's bloody great to be back home but it felt very strange driving back into town passing road blocks, army and police personnel along the way.

    Over the moon we've got the horse racing back, bring on Cheltenham :lol:

    Have you heard anything yet? Those in the valleys and this will include Dovedale have not been allowed to return home yet, from what I can remember these areas are still too close to the fire hotspots and will only return when it's safe to do so. The support here has been top class so you can rest assured they will be well looked after.
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    nope, not yet. they're not on social media etc so hard to get hold of... i don't have their kiwi number (they were previously in Oz)
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    Bad area for WiFi so hardly surprising they're not on social media mate. We looked at buying at Dovedale but we felt it was too remote. The day we went looking at a house up there it was early winter, plenty of ice on the road but when we came back through Wakefield it was like Summer, we decided on Wakefield :lol:

    The good news is that they would have been one of the first areas to evacuate so they would have been one of the earlier ones to find accommodation.
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