Fines for taking children out of school

Discussion in 'SMB' started by box2box, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Read that earlier, made me chuckle.

    Some officer will have gotten a bollocking for not spell checking.
  3. Hawayawayawayaway

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    Or an admin apprentice whose family kept taking them out of school to go on hols.
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  4. PTR

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    And the shitty way they passed the blame to the Printing contractors. How does that demonstrate personal responsibility to the kids ?
  5. japs

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    I can't understand how a trial of a system can excuse these errors? Someone has clearly not checked the typed letter and set the template up in the live system....basically they couldn't be bothered.
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  6. max wartbug

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    Aye, she'll justify her salary by saying she's paid for responsibility and accountability. But it appears she's not going to accept either.
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    The thing is, it'll more than likely just been typed up in MS word first which highlights spelling mistakes, then copied to where ever. How some of those werent spotted is beyond belief.

    I'd wager that she'll probably not have even seen it. It'll have been delegated to someone further down. But still reviewed by someone on a decent salary.
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  9. max wartbug

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    No doubt. However, she will have been aware of the buck passing in the paper.

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