Filums or series ripe for remakes

Marty Moose

No point in remaking something that's already a classic, it's already been done and been done well.

If they must remake stuff far better they go after good ideas that got ballsed up resulting in shit films that had the potential to be much better.


Condorman (although you cannot really mess with perfection).
The Black Hole
When Worlds Collide
Day The Earth Caught Fire
The Towering Inferno


Battle star Galactica being remade again apparently. Babylon Five could be done well with modern effects.
I’d love to see a proper true to book War of the Worlds. BBC ballsed up their attempt.
Slap shot, Hopefully it’ll be a mainly female cast with a white bloke being the butt of the jokes. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph to play the Hanson sisters...