Filums or series ripe for remakes

As above. In the current climate they live would be great for a remake. Got to be others unlike tl which weren't so great first time around we could improve on or that suit timed were in.

Jaws, could it be done?
The Meg was basically this with the Statham
Could be a documentary way things are over there at the moment!
Police Academy

might actually make Mahoney funny second time around....
Talk that they're bringing it back with him as the commendant. Would need all new cast though as most are dead now :(
No, Jaws was a unique combination of circumstances. If the shark had worked it would have been a worse film.

Ripe for remakes -

Flash Gordon
Buck Rogers

But I wouldn't trust very many people not to fuck them up. Taika Waititi would be great for the first two.
Heard Highlander may get a remake - certain classics shouldn't be touched, I'd count that in there. Buck Rodgers has been picked up for both a film and series.

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