Films that were lauded when they came out but turns out they were absolute shite

Rise of Skywalker
Left this out as I didn't think it had been significantly lauded after the car wreck of the 2nd one.
Tremendous film. I could watch it all day, every day.
It's absolute shit marra.
Is that with fatty Giamatti and him with the ridiculous square jaw drawl driving about wine country? I think I turned it off after 10 mins. Drivel.
Great acting but boring film that I won't watch again.
Sounds about right. Though having said that I'm still not sure what was so great about the acting either. Dishevelled man laughs on a bus. Gerrin'.
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Marty Moose

Crash (the Oscar winner not the Cronenberg one) - proper route one mawkish Oscar bait shite
Titanic - Just a bog standard melodrama killing time until they can sink a ship
Dark Knight Trilogy - Completely poe faced, overtly serious versions of a grown man who dresses up as a bat at night. At least Tim Burton knew the inherent ridiculousness of the premise and played to it. And Christian Bale's phone sex pervert voice as batman is risible.
Blade Runner 2020 - overlong, pretentious and did nothing the original didn't do better.
The King's Speech - pampered posh bloke has a stutter, whoop de doo.
Doctor Sleep - another outrageously overlong slog, devoid of any of the artistry of the original and played out like a typical under par Stephen King TV adaptation.
The Hateful Eight - eight characters talking in a shed for what seemed like weeks. See also Kill Bill, another absolute indulgence, making a bog standard simple kung fu movie is one thing, but stretching it out to over four hours, no need.