Ederson ... at least he goes straight in and wasn’t a duplicate

2.6 mil to spend on a RM and CAM Prem , icon or Portuguese is where I’m looking


Soucek man, I’ve not had a decent player in these kinds of packs for months, I would have been happy with 10 of the 13 or so players available, EA can go suck a lemon.
Tomarinho and Dias in red picks. De Bruyje was there but already got him.

Means I can sell my Dias for 400k and do the guaranteed prem.

What’s the odds I get Dias again
Fofana in the Guaranteed pack

Looks canny but he doesn't get in the team

Sold my tradeable Dias and decided to spend the coins on Jumbo Rare player packs

Packed Salah from the second one 😎

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Central Defender
Got Fofana and Mount in red picks.

After getting Son in yesterday’s SBC I’ve rejigged my team.

Anyone tried PIM Puskas ? Thinking of getting him to replace Eto.

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