Can’t play this game anymore me. Just literally do anything

If I try and pass to man in space, it goes miles away from him. Try to pass to a man near someone and it goes straight to their player. Through balls are the opposite side of the run every single time

I can’t even stop the ball. Davies runs past it every single time and has to go back for it ffs :lol:

club is getting deleted tonight

It's horrendous like. My weekend immediately got better when I turned the game off and didn't care about even playing to silver one on champs.

It's no good at all.


Horrendous this.
Haven't played in a week. Improved my team with prime moments zambrotta, Messi and Prime moments nedved. 92 rated squad.
Dropped from 4 to 6.
Nothing worked. Getting destroyed by 82 rated squads.
I quit most games. Zero point playing.
The last straw was a game vs one of the obvious bot teams with bronze & gold commons. Bronze Southampton winger scored to WF finesse in off the post.
I finally got ball to equalise, mane shot point blank stopped by bronze Gk, Rooney open goal, hits it disconnects. "Your opponent has insufficient players"
Fuck off man, he hasn't had a card!!! :lol:
So I gave up for a week.

Tried again today. Its like pinball. Someone there scored 3 with 2 shots on target.
Next game, I was 2 nil up....suddenly red graph appears and it gets leggy. Oppo score 3 with 3.

I'm done with it.

Joking aside it's a f***ing fix