Field Music live in-store gig at Rough Trade East tomorrow

I have a mate who lives in Kingston and he goes to banquet records all the time.. seen tons of gigs... £15 gets you entry plus a copy of the cd


Theyre decent. Their singer and Sarah Cracknells turns for warm digits at the Lexington were the highlight of that particular evening.
I’m not sure about this whole concept album stuff though. I had enuff in the 70s of that lazy excuse for stringing a few half baked ideas together that aren’t good enough to stand on their own feet without some loadabollocks story/theme being used as a get out of the inspiration jail free card......and breath.
Though they are way better than the last Sunderland band I went to see down here: The Roxy Girls. Who at least are just starting out. Went through to the bar half way through that gig. Less early XTC flavoured in there it was.
Never really listened to them before but I’m loving the track 6 music are playing at the moment. Will check them out properly.
Also have a look at 'The Week That Was' and 'School of Language'. Side projects they did where each brother wrote an album on their own rather than together like they do in Field Music.

The Week That Was is still one of my favourite albums.