Favourite opening tracks

Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. dangermows

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  2. mini-x2

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  3. andy

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  4. mini-x2

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    Cracking choice.
    Fantastic album too.
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  5. HABA87

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    My Name Is Jonas
    I should live in salt
    Fake empire
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  6. andy

    andy Striker

    I think that album probably just edges in as my favourite. Especially the live version. Closely followed by Playing the Angel.
  7. r@mside

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    :lol: I can already think of more I like better but this popped into my head first.

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  8. x ALiEN 8

    x ALiEN 8 Midfield

    War Ensemble
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  9. miltonunez9

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    Safe European Home
    Immigrant Song
    Tangled Up In Blue
  10. Wred

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    Like a Rolling Stone.
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  11. dangermows

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  12. Kobayashi

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    First track new album....
  13. What A Waster

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    Instantly thought of Adored and Speed of Life when I saw the thread title.

    My contribution to the thread:

  14. Fred Army

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    To name but 3
  15. Latka Gravas

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  16. JGC

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    Rock n Roll Star
  17. dangermows

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  18. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

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