Favourite 80s arcade games (working links)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by mikem, May 15, 2018.

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    I finally completed SM3 the other night. I high fived the 13 year old me

    It’s on the PS store for like £3 I think

    It’s how fast it’s changed. I read somewhere (in 2016) that if you take the very first computer and the latest computer the PS3 is the middle of the road :lol:
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  2. There used to be a game in a cafe (at least I think it was a cafe) which was in Crowtree Road in the early/mid 80's. In the same block as McGurk's, but more up towards the Londonderry end. It was a laserdisc game. Only one I recall ever seeing. Having checked it out just now, I'm pretty sure it was Astron Belt.

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  3. SAFC2403

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    That sounds like a pub i want to go to.
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    Even better there’s about 5/6 of them! Only downside is there’s a lot of loud septics get in there. Who then proceed to ask me where in australia I’m from :lol: I have quite a thick London accent haha! Literally 90% of them think Australian. Very odd.
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    Did you used to cheat at track and field by using the half egg cups out of the machines.,to make them run faster. :lol:

    Super Mario was easy until you came to the up and down bit at the end, about 4 from the end. If you got it wrong you just ran out of time. :lol:
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    No, didn't know you could do that
    thanks mate, you've just completely RUINED my childhood !!!!!!!! :cry::cry:
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    Asteroids was my game of choice, mostly in Washington services on the A1(M)
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    Dont forget that "all them games" are really on the 10x5x1mm micro SD card too :)
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  10. The Exile

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    Golden Axe.
  11. Baghdad McBadLad

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    Will have a loOk on os store. Cheers
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    Mr. Do!
    Donkey Kong JR
    Yie Ar Kung Fu
    Robotron 2084
    Crystal Castles
    Dragon’s Lair
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    What did you download it on and is it the proper arcade version?
  14. Some of those ships had big grins and shades on.
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    Remember to apply plenty of oil to his elbow, he'll be using it a lot :)
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    Dig dug
    Carnival (in Ricky's cafe on Fulwell road)
    Super space invaders (Trying to get a rainbow)
    Bomb jack
  20. Nig

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    When I saw the thread title I thought of a side scrolling rocket ship that fired and dropped bombs. Was that scramble ?
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