Favourite 80s arcade games (working links)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by mikem, May 15, 2018.

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  2. PTR

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    1943 was way better :)
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  4. Baghdad McBadLad

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  5. Genuinely don't remember if they did...
  6. SAFC2403

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    actually just looked up screenshots and i think it was 1943 battle of midway. Love a capcom shooter - UN squadron on SNES was mint!
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  7. download mame and you can.. not a bad game that. the colecovision home version was really good
  8. richyrich

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  9. SAFC2403

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  10. gabbiadini1

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  11. SAFC2403

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  12. sidneyeric

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    Nee Centipede like ?
  13. gabbiadini1

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    They move the machines around all the locations (not sure how often) and each location must have around 30-40 machines. So you can try out or revisit loads of games, and sup decent beers at the same time!
  14. Scimmy

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    That was bloody hard. Did you ever make it to the target? I didn't but may mate could nearly every time.
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  15. Nowhere near. Useless at these games and everything else, to be honest.

    Would like to have a go again now
  16. MackemX

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  17. safcforever

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    I’ve bought one of them Pi devices. I love the thing. But all them games on that tiny box is crazy to think
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  18. Boris Bear

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    Gorf was the boyo
  19. richyrich

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    An Amiga 3.5" floppy disk used to hold only 880kb, not even 1mb! Fkn mental that man. How times have changed.
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  20. Wilfy

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    Easy enough done.

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