Fausto today.

Made the mistake of visiting for a coffee this afternoon.

I ordered two coffees and a cake to share , went to sit down and someone came over to clean the table , not an acknowledgement, smile kiss my arse , not a thing to recognise that two customers were sat down at the table .

Watched as the staff stood talking and one of them was on her phone while we were waiting .

The coffee was made and left at the end of the counter while they sorted a single cake out , that took so long the coffees were cold by the time we got them.

Replacement coffee was barely warm.

I‘ll not make the same mistake again.

If anyone knows the owner , let them know how crap they were today please.

If that’s the best they can do they’ll not be there much longer.
Why not just take a flask if this is how indignant you get
Needs a letter to the Sunday post


Reviews should be honest and accurate accounts of the service received.

This bullshit on Amazon/Ebay where they'll literally bribe you to remove bad reviews ultimately makes the review process worthless
Just think it's a common courtesy. Especially for small, local independent businesses who are likely to take feedback more seriously and fix the issue. If they don't do anything about it then I'd leave a negative review.


"The Riviera" :oops: It's OK, but made worse by the lifting craic.
SR6 used to be a decent place to live, these days it’s run down, frequented by people who grew up in Suddick and the houses cost about the same as ones in Red House. Only thing it’s got going for it is actually the beach.


Hipsters paradise , I got avocado on toast there once was literally half arsed mashed up avocado on one slice of bread for about 7 quid totally overrated by stripey wock wearing bearded racer bike types.
It’s like most places these days they are staffed by young people who are f***ing useless at everything because all they do is play computer games and sit on their phones
And work.


Full Back
Rude staff like. I wonder if it's part of the induction process or if you're recruited for having a face like a slapped arse.