Fausto today.


Dinnar why people are so against the op here. He's clearly had shite service, if anyone bothered engaging their brain he mentioned he had a replacement coffee therefore has spoken to the staff already.

Fausto can do one after abusing their staff and bad mouthing a nearby business. They want to get their house in order and clearly can't handle it.

Its a 1/4 from Mux. I had a nice coffee there once.

Jack Ford

If you mention your problems when you are there and do it politely and in a considered manner you give the owner/manager the opportunity to apologise if they were at fault and also to do something to put it right.

They might have done something to really make you feel valued as a customer.

If they dont do anything then that is when you unleash the hounds from hell.
This, complain at the time


Central Defender
Made the mistake of visiting for a coffee this afternoon.

I ordered two coffees and a cake to share , went to sit down and someone came over to clean the table , not an acknowledgement, smile kiss my arse , not a thing to recognise that two customers were sat down at the table .

Watched as the staff stood talking and one of them was on her phone while we were waiting .

The coffee was made and left at the end of the counter while they sorted a single cake out , that took so long the coffees were cold by the time we got them.

Replacement coffee was barely warm.

I‘ll not make the same mistake again.

If anyone knows the owner , let them know how crap they were today please.

If that’s the best they can do they’ll not be there much longer.
Why would you share a cake????
I've never been to a coffee place or restaurant yet where the sizes served merited "sharing"?


Getting boring as fuck the negativity towards this place, aye the owner made an arse of themselves a little while back, but absolutely no issues with each of the visits I have had…apart from when the dog pulled a cuppa out my hand and all over my brand spanking new white trainers!

Marty Moose

You could have had about ten bacon butties at Sue's for the price of a sliver of cake next door man. Aye the coffee is Mellow Birds, but it still warms you through.