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Discussion in 'Gold' started by My Boy Harry, Dec 4, 2005.

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  1. G Force

    G Force Striker

    I still want to know who MBH apparently 'beat' :lol:
  2. Deano

    Deano Striker Contributor

    All of us apparently. Including you.

    Addictive, this font, I have to say.

    I feel an irrational urge to "quote" for some reason.

  3. G Force

    G Force Striker

    I thought he was including us.... Beat us at what exactly? :lol:
    Here are my quotes from the thread up until 'that' point..

    Who were you previously then marra? D
    WTF is going on? :eek: lol
    Eh? D
    Am I still gatecrashing? lol "

    Errrrm is it me or do you understand what we 'lost' ;)
  4. Sideshow Bob2

    Sideshow Bob2 Striker

    He beat me to within an inch of my life, and my anus is now strangely sore. Like.
  5. steve

    steve Guest

    Just accept it. He took you to the cleaners. He even PM'd people and you still bought it. You messed with the top lad and got humilliated, totally slaughtered.:neutral:
  6. G Force

    G Force Striker

    First funny thing you've ever said

    Anyway you posted on the thread anarl.... you were 'whipped' anarl :lol:
  7. steve

    steve Guest

    What exactly was it that everyone was biteing at? He kept saying you all bought it and that. What was it?
  8. G Force

    G Force Striker

    No one seems to have a clue.... :lol:
  9. Morny

    Morny Striker

    this is the fucking maddest thread it
  10. daveydavey2

    daveydavey2 Guest

    So you don't even know what your talking about?
    Look, G, this is what happened in my most neutral possible way.

    MBH came on and debatably started a pisstake at a new poster.

    He got a lot of flack.

    He sent some PM's round saying it was a pisstake.

    He allowed everyone to keep having a go.

    He announced it was a pisstake and thinks he has taken everyone to the cleaners and that we were replying with such anger because it was MBH, not because of what was posted. A few people thought that the "I was taking the piss" was a cop-out and that the PM's were sent once the flack got heavy.

    In my oppinion MBH's story is rubbish, he has acted in the same way as this thread for years and this was proved by Laputain's research to find MBH calling himself the "toplad" quite some time ago. In essence, if MBH is taking the piss in this thread then he must have been taking the piss in every other thread he's ever made, because he is acting exactly the same here as he always has done. Do you rekon he's beeen taking the piss and looking for bites for however many years? :roll:

    (He also thinks everyone wants him banned, despite no one saying he should be..)
  11. steve

    steve Guest

    Hes always been like that, arrogant, patronising and like a spoilt kid if everyone doesnt agree. Thought their must have been more to it than taking the piss out of a new member. I wouldnt mind him being banned.
  12. Sideshow Bob2

    Sideshow Bob2 Striker

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    You kernt.

  13. garydon

    garydon Guest

    WTF is going on here then ? Can't be arsed to read it all, but I suspect MBH has been on the bottle again.
  14. Hazey

    Hazey Guest

    It's just.....odd. read it all last night and was none the wiser generally. very bizarre
  15. garydon

    garydon Guest

    I was thinking that myself, I suppose you had to be there :confused:
  16. G Force

    G Force Striker

    The majority of people who 'were there' didn't have a clue what was going on...

    apparently MBH 'destroyed' us though :eek: :lol:
  17. GK

    GK Striker Contributor

  18. magswonnowt

    magswonnowt Striker

    oim tha fakking daddy roight?
  19. not spavin

    not spavin Striker

    I thought the hokey cokey was what it's all about? Fuck's sake man, I can't keep up.
  20. magswonnowt

    magswonnowt Striker

    :lol: :lol: what gans on inside your head, man:eek:
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