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Discussion in 'Gold' started by ghost of shinton, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Ronnie Corbett

    Ronnie Corbett Full Back

    Loving the shitting in the hand as a viable alternative!
  2. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    Someone is getting rattled
  3. Beer_Monkey

    Beer_Monkey Midfield

  4. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    Booby is alright for a mag and has taken the piss out of me in the past.I saw a chance to take the piss back so i went for it.It's just a screen with word's on it at the end of the day and like most in here i'd happily have a pint with them and have a laugh taking the piss out of eachother.I say a lot worse to my mates tbf and they say a lot worse back,but if i said i was going to leave a shit under their seat i would probably be pissing myself at the same time.I just hope for his sake he was laughing when he posted that comment.

    Im actually still laughing at the thought of a strategically place shit under the passenger seat of my car.
  5. Ronnie Corbett

    Ronnie Corbett Full Back

    To be fair he did have a back up plan of not shitting in his hand which was to shit in bag.

    Both equally efficient in my eyes.
  6. smoker

    smoker Striker

  7. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    I have a ginger dog who shit's on a regular basis so i can certainly provide the poop bag in question.

  8. very good :lol:

    for Keiths sanity

    Problem A - Central locking not opening the doors via the key fob I had to use the key. But will close the doors , so i ruled out the battery, which is charged when in the ignition. After some advise i checked out the 5 fuses associated with the central locking and found #63 had blown. Now replaced for £2 from Halfords for pack of 5

    Problem B - Windscreen washer not working, pump clearly still functioning though. Again after some advise was probably clogged with gunk/algae in the reservoir, used a pressure washer and hot water to blast the gunk out now working fine

    Btw if this thread is an example of your piss taking technique you may want to refine it a bit;)
  9. Beer_Monkey

    Beer_Monkey Midfield

    Ooooh someone's getting rattled. ;)
  10. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    Obviously i was taking the piss regarding the battery replacement in your key fob.I can't believe you have actually replied explaining all.
  11. Crazylegs

    Crazylegs Midfield

    Watch out if you're on tonight keef, i've been baking one all day especially for you.
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  12. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    Don't worry i won't fall for the old chestnut that is 'HEY LOOK AT THAT INTERESTING THING UP THERE'while you slip a shit under the seat.
  13. hutch

    hutch Winger

    My mate is Service Manager at Fawdingtons in Newcastle. Whats you after
  14. j.w

    j.w Striker

  15. FReaK

    FReaK Winger

    Keef, you are my new favourite poster.

    Car crash stuff. Quite simply superb.
  16. andy m

    andy m Midfield

    Surpassed yourself there Keefy boy. :lol:
  17. tinkerman

    tinkerman Midfield

    Genius.....keef you are a grade A mentalist and psycho.......and you drive a car for a living.....fuck :roll::lol:
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