fao bmw owners/drivers

Discussion in 'Gold' started by ghost of shinton, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. petermac

    petermac Guest

    What was the matter with that keith.safc is it time of the month for the fucking moron or what? :eek:
  2. RTRsBM

    RTRsBM Striker

    I think this classes as a board breakdown really. Its way beyond being angry or a pisstake. The worrying thing is his job is to transport members of the public
  3. Hawkings Boots

    Hawkings Boots Midfield

  4. Ah, but at least we know what his number plate is so we can avoid getting in his cab - that attention seeking number plate thread was a public service really
  5. Ive re checked the thread to make sure it actually happened!!! I hope he never picks up a fare who turns out to be a mag. Deserted industial estate.........bit of a struggle..... Six months later dismembered corpse found on the 18th fairway south shields golf course.........
  6. Sandancer27

    Sandancer27 Guest

    I'm going out in Shields tonight, on my way home I may try every taxi till I find the one Keith is driving, get him to take me home and then do a runner just to see his reaction..
  7. gizmoganzee

    gizmoganzee Striker

    There's a couple of mobile BMW lads in Sunderland that are top notch, me dad used to use them for evreything and funilly enough locking like.

    Soz I can't remember their name like
  8. petermac

    petermac Guest

    You must have a frigging death wish :lol::lol:
  9. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    And we still don't know what that other 'pain in the arse' thing is wrong with his BMW.Maybe the thread title should have just read I HAVE A BMW.
  10. petermac

    petermac Guest

    Just go and stick your head back up your arse nob
  11. Thewper1

    Thewper1 Winger

    and you have a vauxhall but can fix all known problems yourself. Nice one keith.

    I'm with Shints tho, infact I'm probably 10x worse, I know absolutely fuck all about cars, checking oil and putting petrol in are about my level, god help me if I ever get a flat tyre, I struggled putting wiper blades on. But I think you've got to admire Shinton for wanting to sort the problem himself, I'd need to rely on the my old man or the garage. Sad but true......although the fella living next door works for RAC so that's a bonus!!

    Oh and my motor's an x-type, the mrs' is a RAV4...is it ok to ask for advice on here for those two if ever I need it, just checking like, don't wanna push you any further over the edge
  12. sobering up so soon? embarassed?you should be.
    funny as fuck.enjoying this thread and i'm only half way through it.
  13. Crazylegs

    Crazylegs Midfield

    Would love to get in keef's cab, either do a runner or leave a turd under his seat.
  14. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    I rarely drink thanks and certainly not when im at work.In fact the last time i was in a pub was Bolton away.Bit sad really.What i do enjoy though is winding mags up.This place is great for passing the time whilst at work.
  15. thats bollocks.:lol:
  16. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    You must be tiny if you can squat under a car seat.I just got a vision of Dennis Waterman in Little Britain.

    If you say so.But being a cabbie it's probably best you don't drink and drive.It's something i've picked up with experience.

    If you say so.But being a cabbie it's probably best you don't drink and drive.It's something i've picked up with experience.

    Stupid Operamini
  17. Crazylegs

    Crazylegs Midfield

    Where did anyone mention having a shit under your seat. I would shit into my hand or come prepared with a nice fresh doggy bag. You're a thick fucker keefy, and I dare say an ugly one too.
  18. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    Bloke puts thread up,another bloke takes the piss for a laugh and another bloke shit's in his own hand for revenge.You take this place far too seriously marra.Now might be a good time to take up a hobby.
  19. Beer_Monkey

    Beer_Monkey Midfield

    Was that supposed to be taking the piss??? :eek:

    You must be a scream on a night out!!
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