fao bmw owners/drivers

Discussion in 'Gold' started by ghost of shinton, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. seriously are you on crack:lol:

    who mentioned the oil level or tyre pressures, apart from you ?

    i assume the real problem you have is i'm a mag, which is fair enough so i apologise for using up your valuable evening abusing me;)
  2. Mr Creosote

    Mr Creosote Guest

    i own an old bmw .....some time ago the central-locking/immobiliser/alarm system was removed because the horn was always going off during the night (was my sister`s old car, passed down to me)

    i had a quote just to re-instate the remote locking....and that was £500

    maybe that`s why shinton is trying to save a bit of cash?
  3. Kent_Mackem

    Kent_Mackem Striker

    I once asked my mate, who drives a BMW, why BMW drivers felt they didn't have to indicate. He answered 'we know where we're going so why do we need to?'
  4. attention seeking **** spaz shit car driving mug

  5. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    Yes that's right no one but me mentioned the oil or tyre's you clueless cu.nt.We have heard about your central locking which i have resolved.So why don't you just tell us what else is wrong with your car you stupid prick cos we would love to know.I have problems with my car but im not telling what na na na na na.
  6. Beer_Monkey

    Beer_Monkey Midfield

  7. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    pot kettle black
  8. There you go Shints, you can sleep sound tonight knowing Keith has saved you a few bob! :lol:
  9. Beer_Monkey

    Beer_Monkey Midfield

    From a mackem to a mag anarl, how very noble! ;)
  10. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    Does anyone know any decent Vauxhall forums because i haven't worked out how to put diesel in or press the fucking air con button?
  11. Beer_Monkey

    Beer_Monkey Midfield


    No probs fella - I'm sure they'll help you.

    (See how easy that was)
  12. ravydavygravy

    ravydavygravy Striker

    Gonna double it's value like?
  13. I know! :eek: Sometimes peoples' generosity astounds me! :)
  14. keith.safc

    keith.safc Guest

    only double it you stingy twat?

    Hello im a total dumbfuck mag from Shinton.Can anyone tell me how do i open my beamer using this key fob thing?

    Hello im a total dumbfuck mag from Shinton.Can anyone tell me how do i open my beamer using this key fob thing?

    Whoa weird double reply syndrome
  15. MFK_FTM

    MFK_FTM Central Defender

    Bmwland.com is good for all types of bimmers and e46zone.com is canny for E46's.
    Best bet really is to get it plugged in and get your codes read.

    A word of advise though if it fails to start for fucks sake get the bus and don't order a taxi.
  16. taipeisafc

    taipeisafc Winger

    This is one of the oddest and in some ways disturbing threads I've seen on here in a long time. It appears a certain poster is slowly unravelling his sanity as he types. Talk about an over reaction.
  17. elder

    elder Striker

    they're not joke's, who ever he is.
  18. I'm with Keith like, all BMW owners and mags are twats...

    ignore these idiots Keith and get yersel back on here marra
  19. petermac

    petermac Guest

    Who you calling a twat cause i own a bmw arsewipe ;)
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  20. All car owners are ***** (unless it stays in the garage purely in case of some emergency that your bike can't handle).
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