False Widow Spider - HELP!

"'False Widow Spiders use alarm pheromones to warn their buddies about nearby dangers,' warn experts.

These chemicals are secreted by some of the group when they think they are in danger, like if the nest is disturbed or one of them is killed.

'If the nest is disturbed, guard spiders will send out these guard molecules to rally the troops,' she says.

The rest of the False Widows react to the pheromones by swarming out of the nest and attacking the intruder."

“Pheromones? Nah, I can get that. Someone pissed in me pocket at Villa Park one year, ah was furious.”
You do realise spiders eat the flies that land in your gob and crawl about in your ears during the night while you're sleeping? He'd have provided a great service given the chance and taken dozens, nay hundreds of the little bastards out.

Rip fella....
Poor spider. I hope your house gets infested with flies
I am comfortable with my actions.