False rape claim lass gets 18 months

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sidewinder2, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Sidewinder2

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  2. cosmicchris00

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    I agree to some extent but the legal system always considers the defendants circumstances ie. she's a mother
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  3. Sidewinder2

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    Fair point but she was a mother when she made the false claim and tried to ruin the lads life.
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  4. joemcdokes

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    Oh right, lets see how that one works with someone who is a father. :lol:
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  5. Pants

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    Fancy that awful judge giving poor Mick Philpott a life sentence! How my heart bleeds.

    Aye, they should consider that and take the bairns off her.
  6. Good. That poor lad has been through so much shit because of her lies. She deserves to be punished regardless of if she is a mother or not.
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  7. joemcdokes

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  8. dixonsafc

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    Two days in a row? You’d think she’d get a sterner sentence for doing it twice in such quick succession.
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  9. General Zod

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    Be great that. I could go around committing any crime I like and if I get caught I'd just use the little zodlets as a shield against any kind of punishment.
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  10. Mackem00

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    Eh? :lol:

    Is this the Sabrina Williams defence?
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    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    It always seems harsh that the accused gets their reputation smashed before they are tried. By all means make it public when they are guilty but pre any judgement it seems massively unfair.
  12. Bishop Boy

    Bishop Boy Striker

    No, the Chewbaka Defense.

    I thought with all this equal rights stuff that wouldn’t be a consideration now.
  13. ajthemackem

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    Balancing act I suppose; cases like this can put off true victims from coming forward so I think they have to gan cannier on sentences than is deserved.
  14. yorkyexile

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    Cheated on his bird with some mucky scrubber and got copped out. By the time his bird has done with him he`ll wish he was inside anyway :lol:

    She`s just a skank who was probably going to try for a good bit compo reading between the lines of the article, who no doubt would have done the same trick again, should have longer than 18 months for it bairns or no
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  15. Struts

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    Not sure i'd want my name in the paper if I had slithered into that like.
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  16. Tadger

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    The thing is, most rape cases fall through due to lack of evidence. That doesn’t equate a false accusation in the eyes of the law so the accuser wouldn’t be prosecuted.

    Presumably, there has to be evidence of the fact she made a false accusation in order for her to be prosecuted.
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  17. She won’t be taking them into prison with her.
  18. Fred Secrets

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    The fucking staaaaate of her.
  19. Tidied
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  20. Mickdundee

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    She looks like a classy bird from the pics. Roly up fag and either bad fake tan or foundation too dark for her skin tone.
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