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    I think I’m class and I’ve know me my whole life.
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    exactly, not to talk about housework and who is dating who, or new setee etc..... facebook my arse.
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    Must be one of the few places you haven't been
  4. I'll PM you mine :D
  5. Non Facebook users are the new vegans. Can't do it without telling everybody about it and wearing it as a badge of honour.
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    PM me your dumplings any time.
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    Chinese dream food :lol:
  8. I'm not one for conspiracy theories usually but following the events in NZ, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that security services had some idea of an impending terrorist attack that was partly orchestrated on social media.
    In extreme circumstances I think governments could lean on FB etc to create an outage in the hope of preventing it. The outage wasn't limited to just the FB family of sites and apps so it's a big coincidence.
    Of course it didn't prevent it so I'm probably talking nonsense.

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