F1 2020


i presume its related to the fact that stroll snr is\was in the process of buying into aston martin the troubled company... whereas the red bull deal is a straight sponsorship contract that may have multiple years left?

also, have aston martin pulled out the DTM?
Yup. Stroll basically just bought Aston Martin


Interesting read, always had a soft spot for Williams.

Updated reveal dates....

FerrariFebruary 11Reggio Emilia, Italy
RenaultFebruary 12France
McLarenFebruary 13Woking, UK
AlphaTauriFebruary 14Salzburg, Austria
MercedesFebruary 14Silverstone, UK
Racing PointFebruary 17Mondsee, Austria
HaasFebruary 19Barcelona, Spain
Alfa RomeoFebruary 19Barcelona, Spain
Williams now announced for 17th.


Looks as if there's a better than more chance of the Chinese GP being cancelled this year.
I looked at the ticket prices for me and the lad.

£1000 ! ! !
each, or 500 a head? what's that compared to silverstone (never been so don't know myself)?
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thing is, the car for "launch" day and the car for the first race can be very different beasts.
2019 chassis with a few 2020 components. Just a chance to show off the new liveries.

The new Hass colours, now they ditched the Rich Energy pisstake looks canny.

Alpha-Centori will be the interesting one to see what they come up with.
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