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Slight difference being that the murderer has already been shot, arrested and will be charged with murder.

People are asking for justice and for the law to be applied. It has already been applied in the case you refer to.
Fucks sake.
Ignore it mate, I nearly bit too. Ignorant fuckers.
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What has anything that happens in America got to do with Hamilton?
doubt you're interested, but at the point in time this began the disgust and offense at the death\murder of people because of the colour of their skin was\is a global thing. as one of the worlds leading sportsmen, and a person of colour i suspect hamilton see's this as a moment in time to stand up and be counted rather than sitting on his hands.

Flash Gordon

I think this will be Kimi's last year. Full new line up at Alpha next year, wouldn't be surprised if whoever is kicked from Hass to make room for Perez ends up there.
The Haas drivers are rubbish. I wouldn't even drop Giovanazzi for one of them.
i'd read mick schumacher and the hulk was a likely outcome...
That wouldn't be a shock to see Hulk back, but I think if Kimi wants to stay then he probably stays.