F1 2019

Vettel absolutely taking the piss by ignoring the team strategy here. There will come a time when Leclerc stops giving Vettel anything and it'll end up costing Ferrari points.

I don't agree with them swapping them so early, but the drivers should be following the team's instructions.
Vettel was correct in his decision imo. He got a far better start and used the slipstream
Not a lot else Vettel could've done. His tow was better than expected and if he'd tried slowing it down to keep Leclerc in the lead he may have caused a collision. After that, Hamilton was keeping too close to them to safely make the switch over.

Great bit of strategy from Mercedes yesterday to use medium tyres in Q2. That probably won them the race as much as Ferrari tripping themselves up today.


Surely Vettel didn't spot the massive gap in the fence and deliberately steer away from it to pull up to cause a VSC, did he?! :lol:
fairly standard practise for the car to pull alongside the gap but let the track-side officails pull it back in - however, in light of the on-track events its very easy to see it as a big fuck you... i don't see vettel as the kind of bloke though, unless it benefits himself... #multi21


He should be No. 1
Vettel's past his best now.
Binotto is being hailed as a management genius for the way he's handled the situation.

The technical side seems to have improved too with the extra oomph of the power unit being better controlled through the enhanced aero.

I'm not saying Binotto isn't the real deal but Arrivabene was given similar plaudits only for it to sour quite quickly.

A strange end to the season is not beyond the realms of possibility for Ferrari