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Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Lambton Worm, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. RichD

    RichD Striker

    Best race I've seen in a while..
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  2. ebb

    ebb Midfield

    Great decision and a great race
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  3. JohnSmithUK

    JohnSmithUK Full Back

    Highlights just starting on channel four.
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  4. royaldragon

    royaldragon Winger

    The right result for me, Max had the racing line and always had his tyres turning to the right, he never turned into Leclerc, he went off the track himself, he should have been cleverer and positioned himself better on the track.
  5. JohnSmithUK

    JohnSmithUK Full Back

    Great start to this race. Does feel like the near future of F1 are gaining a foothold, Leclerc, Max and Lando.

    Very sloppy pitstop for Seb.

    How did Gasly get the seat at Red Bull? Didn't stand out for me last year, and just looks out of his depth in a much better car.
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  6. smasha

    smasha Midfield

    First time their driver program didn't have someone ready to fill a seat in the top team. For all Gasly isn't doing well there's no one ready to replace him quickly. Albon had a good first few races but hasn't done much since so doubt he's ready yet.
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  7. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Their young driver programme has been pretty poor in the last few years. Hardly anyone has succeeded.
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  8. Pancho

    Pancho Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Correct decision. Verstappen had the inside line and there was no intention to force le Clerc off the track.

    Racing incident and common sense decision.

    The stewards got it massively wrong in
    Canada but they're correct this time.

    With Norris that was 3 exceptional performances today by the bairns.
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  9. The Stewards literally upheld the rules in Canada
  10. Pancho

    Pancho Striker Staff Member Contributor

    They wrongly interpreted rules that are desperately in need of an overhaul.

    Virtually ever other driver in the paddock thought the decision was bollocks.
  11. cosmicchris00

    cosmicchris00 Midfield

    Good race today but how many times do need to show a group of Dutch in orange tee shirts!

    There were some good race incidents that were spoiled by cutting to the same boring shots of the crowd.

    Ghastly (sic.) is hopeless like.

    Getting lapped by your team mate is just embarrassing.
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  12. Beau Peep

    Beau Peep Midfield

    I thought that, the first time Verstappen half took Leclerc and he came back around the outside the director cut to the crowd half way through the manoeuvre. Who fucking cares about more orange clad pissheads
  13. errant

    errant Striker

    Dan Ticktum has just got shit out the rear end via a bad few months in japan anarl... they company blurb seems to have glossed over they had to bring back the Russian missile too.
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  14. PTR

    PTR Striker

    At this rate, Kvyat will be back in the main RB car next season! Or even this season! :lol:
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  15. Pancho

    Pancho Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Reb Bull will have had all the data from Toro Rosso last season so it wasn't entirely a jump in the dark, but perhaps Ricciardo's decision wrong footed them which limited their options.

    That being said, getting lapped by your team mate, even though Verstappen is arguably the quickest out there, is a pretty dreadful performance.

    Sounded to me like Horner was a bit hacked off but I think they'll stick with him for now.

    Lando is starting to look the real deal. Remarkably calm and collected for a 19yo and he drove very sensibly at the start.

    Good to see McLaren looking competitive again and that pairing of Norris with Sainz looks like an inspired choice.
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  16. errant

    errant Striker

    The fella behind Rich Energy sounds like an odd one...

    Rich announces end of Haas F1 deal via Twitter

    Snake oil sales in the future?

    Neatly tidied up there contracts for next year this week, McLaren looking almost professional again...
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  17. HoxtonMackem

    HoxtonMackem Central Defender

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  18. errant

    errant Striker

    probably the same time this east london docklands venue starts to gain wider media attention...
  19. HoxtonMackem

    HoxtonMackem Central Defender

    Imo F1 are desperate to get a London race in there although it looks highly unlikely that you'll be able to have Silverstone and London on the same calendar. It's already congested as it is, looks like Spain is unofficially off, probably Germany too and they'll be pushing hard for a 2nd race in the USA for 2021.

    I think they'll already anticipate another spat over costs again and they'll use that and possible other factors such as no further state funding to back up their claim that Silverstone isn't viable as an excuse to get it moved to London.
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  20. cosmicchris00

    cosmicchris00 Midfield

    Their stated aim is world cities as venues.

    There will be one in London within 5 years

    Whether Silverstone can be accommodated too is doubtful

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