Extra memory for ps4

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    Whats the best option for my sons machine as in easiest to plug in and crack on V price paid ,doesn't need loads of gig ...thanks
  2. PS4: External HDD Support
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    Thanks but a quick look looks complicated to me ,neither me nor the lad are that techy ,plug in press ok etc sounds easy to me
  4. andy

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  5. Crook Mackem

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    I bought a 1tb Toshiba one off Amazon about a week ago. Plugged it in and it works. 40 quid ish
  6. girojim

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    I've just got a 2tb one for Xmas so I've got a 1tb for sale if you want it
  7. steve30000

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    Remember to format it before you sell it
  8. girojim

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    What are you insinuating?
  9. steve30000

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    :lol: nothing. Carry on..

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