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extra coin

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Safcpeterlee81, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. anth

    anth Midfield

    google for windows remote desktop or team viewer.
  2. jacko_551

    jacko_551 Central Defender

    Just been on oddsmonkey and looks like there's a lot more sites I could sign up to as a new customer then I thought. Might get an oddsmonkey account tonight and start. Probably just sign up to one at a time to start with.
  3. 15 quid in birthday gift bets. Too kind :lol:
  4. Are you using OM to find your no lay accas? Don't want to knock them because overall it's a very good matched betting site but their acca algorithm doesn't return good results. I did much better using the standard odds matcher and using my own spreadsheet to calculate EV.

    Unless they've improved it in the last two weeks (when I last tried), I've always been able to get a higher EV at lower cum odds than the one recommended on their acca tool.

    Having said that, it must be working really well for you with 300 accas this season. What cum odds are you willing bet on no lays?

    WASTID Striker

    Once again, since the regulars would be disappointed if I didn't throw in the obligatory affiliates link.....

    Feel free to sign up via this mate ;)
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  6. jacko_551

    jacko_551 Central Defender

    Already signed up just haven't upgraded to a premium account. I did however do it through the link you put on the last page :)
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  7. James

    James Striker

    Their affiliate scheme is bloody good, isn't it? I had a look into it the other day. Very generous.
  8. Brexit

    Brexit Winger

    Hardly any sport tonight so you'll probably be best waiting until the PL returns.
  9. C-S-L Mackem

    C-S-L Mackem Midfield

    I use accumulator generator, which basically uses the standard oddsmatcher and calculates the EV for me. I've noticed that the acca matcher on oddsmonkey produces some odd suggestions in terms of matches. I know a lot of people think the author behind the likes of accumulator generator is a self-promoting plagiarist, but his software trumps that of oddsmonkey for me. That said, apparently oddsmonkey are releasing another accumulator tool that looks a lot like accumulator generator, so I'll keep an eye on that and see if the algorithm produces better matches.

    I'm happy to have cumulative odds up to 9.0. I know a lot of people will say that's too high, but it allows me to get more on. I tend to go more by EV than odds, so would be happy to go for an acca at odds of 6 with an EV of £7 (on a £25 stake) than an acca at odds of 4.5 with an EV of £6.

    I started with £5 and have slowly moved up to £25 across all of my accounts. Perhaps I shouldn't do as much as that on sites with a £25 max refund, but I feel as though I've built up a profile as an accumulator bettor over time. When I did William Hill sequentials, I started at £50 straight away, which obviously will have been a huge red flag
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
  10. James

    James Striker

    I've got a £30 bonus to use on Betfred Casino. What's the best way to not waste this? I'm hopeless with casino stuff. T&Cs are that
    1. Players must place bets at the casino equal to fifty (50) times the bonus amount, before cashing out any winnings.
  11. Gazoliver

    Gazoliver Winger

    So you've got to bet through £1500. Tough ask to make any money. I'd probably try black jack or a slot with low stake/high% payout.
  12. Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin Winger

    Just done the Paddy Power sign up - two german games will win me about £25.
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  13. @C-S-L Mackem
    MC's style reminds me of those full page newspapers selling insurance and the like yonks ago but as far as I know he was first on the market with an acca tool. I've had some input on the Acca Backer at matchedbets.com and it's shaping up to be very good (not down to me). Not perfect but the best I've tried to date.

    Didn't fancy the variance with high odds, been sticking to 2.5-3.5 (just over 4.0 for Coral) and found the results to pretty consistent throughout the season, a little lull a couple of months ago but never fallen behind the cumulative EV.

    Think I'll be more adventurous next season and go a bit higher with the odds, it'll open up more bookmaker offers.
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  14. James

    James Striker

    Aye there's basically no chance. :lol: I'll have a crack at the slots.
  15. Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin Winger

    Had to bet x£1400 on Bet Victor over the weekend....went with Blackjack. Was flying til I approached the required number of hands, then inevitably it beat me every time.
  16. James

    James Striker

    It's just a £30 free that needs using within 7 days, I don't need to deposit anything. I'm knocking all this matched betting on the head after this anyway.
  17. jacko_551

    jacko_551 Central Defender

    Is it best to do it on the day like, or could I not just open an account and bet on Saturday's matches? Cheers
  18. Brexit

    Brexit Winger

    You could but I always try to hide new accounts behind high profile games. The Krauts v England might be alright.
  19. WASTID

    WASTID Striker

    Yeah it's not bad. Surprised there's not more on here putting their links up. I don't want to be the greedy git who gets them all so if others want to start taking their share good luck. Plenty to go around.

    That's a good point actually. I only signed up for sunbets last week. Successfully lost on a short odds favourite which was good. Free bet still sitting there and didn't want to steam on a random horse at Wolverhampton all weather!!!

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