England v New Zealand (2nd test)


The poor bloke is absolutely destroyed mentally as soon as he gets a bat in his hand.
He averaged 35 last year. So infuriating as he's better than he shows. Hopefully Robinson will be doing his role soon.
Lawrence now needs to manage the tail. Frustrates the shit out of me when batsmen put 9-11 on strike.
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Good effort to get over 300 by Lawrence and the bowlers especially Woody. Now a few early wickets needed and we're right in it.


That 303 is a good effort, but it's short of par.
Terrible management by Lawrence that mind. Twice Jimmy had to face a full over
I think it was good bowling, tbf. New Zealand started poorly today but they recovered their discipline.
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Brilliant effort lads, Lawrence burns stone and wood all played a big role in that one

need to see more from Crawley and pope

I’m hoping bracey comes in and scores a half decent score I really feel for the lad that

Can’t wait to hear the crowd on that first wicket


He averaged 29 for the first 1300 of them.

24 after 2100 of them. That India series in 2014 definitely ruined him, as since the start of 2015 averages 13
These days, it's more like he can't be arsed than any fear. He's decided he's a big cheese bowler and he's going to hit a couple of sixes or get out. Contrast with Wood, Anderson, Woakes, Leach and (recently) Robinson who have played innings to fit the match situation.

And..... I cannot believe the bugger has the new ball when you have Wood and Stone in the team. Total waste of your fast bowlers. You shouldn't have pecking orders in international teams.