Energy Prices - are they taking the piss???

I had my 'big bill' come through and it's £1800 in the hole. BG ignored my meter reading I sent through in March & Feb for the price rises so think it's at least £800 to high. Trying to sort it out is a nightmare, I gave up trying to speak through the phone and the web chat function is like pulling teeth. Seems they still have my old meter details (even though my previous supplier had the right one) so that's why they didn't bother taking smart readings. They keep asking for more info, someone new answers my reply then tells me my bill is right and then I have to repeat myself over again. It's so painful. I've offered to email pictures of the reading and they just ignore me. I've threatened the ombudsman now and they say they're working on it but not convinced.

I used to work for BG when I first left Uni so I have sympathy for the people working customer service but since there is no need to worry about customer retention at the minute they seem to have just said 'fuck it, cut down service hours and don't answer queries'

Go through the pain of getting through to someone on the phone and get a complaint raised mate, they’ve then got 8 weeks to sort themselves out or you can get the ombudsman involved and that almost always falls in your favour and it certainly will here, if it gets to that make sure you add to the ombudsman how many times you’ve attempted to help them with information and it’s been ignored.
Just done my meter reading. My direct debit is £200 and I have averaged £150 over the last 3 months and should be similar in July, August and September so atleast I will have a headstart before the October rises.
I’m going to start a social media campaign in October to ban pointless Christmas presents in the midst of the cost of living crisis. No more buying shite for other people’s kids or adult friends, no secret santa at work etc.

I reckon i’ll get at least 7 likes on twitter.

Like this?

Not energy related but water .....
just received my latest water bill and they reckon I’ve used double the amount of water the last six months compared to the prior six months 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Putting my DD up 40% to cover the increased cost / water usage...
How can you possibly use double the amount of water ? It’s hardly seasonal like G & E 🤷‍♂️