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  1. I've been given a conditional job offer by an employer and need to supply them with employment references covering the last 3 years. Trouble is I've moved job a lot and am struggling to get 2 of my employment references from within that time.

    One of which is an agency which I kept no details whatsoever from my employment there (3 weeks max, absolute joke of a job). Would it be as simple as contacting the agency and asking for an email / telephone number for the reference?

    The second was from employment abroad, there was a lot of work politics going on at the time when I left and the director / manager is no longer there, to my knowledge he has been replaced by somebody else however I have no idea who & do not have any contact details for them either.

    Just looking for some advice really as the offer of employment may be withdrawn if I cannot supply satisfactory references for the 3 year period. Shall I contact the agency and get their details that way knowing it might not be the person who employed me? Should I explain the situation about the employment abroad and that I no longer have a point of contact there or should I just supply them with the companies information and let them do the chasing?
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    All they have to do is confirm you worked there . That's all a reference is these days. The times of wondering what they would put and if they would give you a bad one are over .
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    You’ve answered your own questions in the OP.
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